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Eco-friendly Dress Code Really Works

When most people think about going green, they do not think about the clothing they wear. In reality though, choosing sustainable clothing is a great way to make sure that your business helps to care for the environment while still presenting a professional image. If you choose personalised work clothing for your workforce, you can enforce a dress code that is ecologically sound.

When you choose your work uniforms, you can still be eco-friendly with your work clothes without having to sacrifice professionalism. Always choose clothing that is made from sustainable materials and crafted by sustainable means. Once you choose the uniforms, require that your employees wear them – this stops your employees from buying new clothes that might be made from environmentally-unfriendly methods and keeps a uniform look in your place of work.

Eco-friendly work clothes are a great way to make an impact without having to make any of your employees go out of their way to do so. Simply choosing the right fabrics and materials helps to minimise your impact on the environment. This small change in the way that your employees dress can end up making a major change in the world around you – but it is up to you to make that choice.

Clay Miller
the authorClay Miller
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