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Reinventing In-room Recycling through Fine Art Engagement

Hotel In-room Recycling

Environmentally friendly initiatives are one of the most conspicuous emerging hospitality trends. In particular, in-room recycling is important because the guests see this during their stay. EndInMind Design offers a solution with the RecyclerSack to make in-room recycling affordable and attractive.

in-room recyclingThe RecyclerSack reinvents in-room recycling through unique engagement with hospitality guests via fine art. When placed prominently in properties’ rooms, guests will be encouraged and reminded to recycle the water/beverage bottles, etc. that they’ve accumulated during their stay. This pre-sorting will reduce a property’s associated labor costs at the back-of-house, and the increased guest participation in recycling will translate into reduced waste-hauling fees. RecyclerSack customers also receive social media support to share a property’s innovative approach to recycling.

The RecyclerSack enables hotels to reduce operating costs, increase recycling rates and build guest loyalty. The RecyclerSack is proud to be partnering with Green Lodging News. For more information and samples, please contact EndInMind Design.





Recycling On-the-Go

The versatility of the RecyclerSack allows it to be used in a variety of settings. The Gaming Dude, a mobile video game party bus service, uses the RecyclerSack in their busses to manage recyclables and keep the place tidy.

The RecyclerSack is an ideal solution for managing recyclables in this small space. The combination of fine art and easier recycling is appealing, especially since recycling can often be a hassle. Many of the customers bring beverages into the gaming truck, and the RecyclerSacks help to keep the area neat while adding attractive and unique accents to the truck’s decor. Customers are recycling more with the bags. The response has been really positive; people are really impressed with the artwork! The fine art on the front of the bag really makes a huge difference in drawing customers’ attention. People very often want to recycle, but without the visual cue they just tend to throw their bottles and cans into the garbage can.

The RecyclerSack can be used in your car or van to help manage your recyclables. The bags come in three bright and colorful designs and can be purchased here.

in-room recycling

Star flakes fine-art painting, acrylic on canvas by Sheila Arora


Guest post by EndInMind Design. Follow @RecyclerSack for more eco-chic ways to stay green.

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