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The Environmental Benefits of Wooden Fittings in the Home

environmental benefits of wooden fittings in the homeWhilst certain materials flit in and out of fashion over the years, there are certain furnishing types that are timeless such as wooden fittings. Wooden installations can complement both traditional style properties and even the most modern looking builds alike with its stylish simplicity and almost regal elegance. Furthermore, there are significant environmental benefits attached to installing wooden features and furnishings in your home.

The most obvious green benefit is the potential to recycle to create new furnishings. Reclaimed wooden furniture is ever-growing in popularity amongst carpenters and there is now a fantastic choice of unique and unusual designs for your properties. From chairs to tables to wardrobes and almost everything in between; you can instil beautiful wooden furniture throughout your home without another tree being felled. The amateur carpenters amongst you may even be keen to get your hands sandy and produce your own pieces of reclaimed wooden furniture with second hand timber.

Large wooden furnishings throughout the home such as timber staircases can also help insulate the home. Wood is a natural insulator, so a staircase that lines the interior of an outer-wall can help retain some of the heat within the building. This can also help reduce noise pollution, absorbing unwanted noise from outside of the home.

Wooden features and furnishings can often be crafted largely by hand meaning that excessive energy may not be used. Man-made materials such as plastic rely on electricity-sapping machinery during the production process.

A Scala Interiors spokesperson revealed their affinity for working with wood: “we find that time and time again, people are drawn to the wooden projects in our portfolio. There’s a certain timeless elegance attached to wood.”

The versatility of wood also lends itself perfectly to property owners who love to tinker and update their interior. If you have grown tired of a wooden bookcase that has been in the home for a number of years, then it is entirely possible to take it apart and recondition it into a new family table for the dining room. A simple coat of polish could turn a light wood into a darker wood to suit a different style of décor.

Finally, high quality woods are incredibly durable and have long lives. This means that you won’t be motoring out every 6 months in your car to Ikea for another dining room chair after Aunt Sally comes to visit.

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