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Trinity School of Natural Health: Educators of Everything Natural

Natural treatment methods have been applied in multiple human societies throughout history. The benefits of living a natural lifestyle are immense, even in this so-called modern age. It’s no surprise that most health professional emphasize on natural balance for achieving and maintaining good health. If you are interested to learn more about natural health practices for your own knowledge there are many alternatives available. Among these options is to learn from the Trinity School of Natural Health.


A Christian Health School

Trinity School of Natural Health has been operating since 1991. Based on the teachings of the Bible and other Christianity related traditions, Trinity offers distance learning opportunities for people interested in naturopathy. In general, naturopathy emphasizes on healthy living and wellness in individuals through a natural and spiritually compliant lifestyle. Basically, the school promotes healthy living through the adoption of natural and healthy dietary practices, environmental balance and healthy psychology. Trinity is registered as a non-for-profit school.


Strong philosophical and moral standards

As an institution based on Christian values, Trinity emphasizes on strong philosophical and moral standards that’s also reflected through their courses. The institution also adopts a discrimination-free principle where racial, ethnic and even religious backgrounds of students don’t hold any relevance. Its emphasis is only in admitting students willing to commit themselves strongly to the study and course requirements.


Courses offered

Trinity offers 5 different courses in health sciences, as well as, a course related to Christian theology. The courses offered by the school include the following:

  • Doctor of Naturopathy (ND)
  • Master of Herbalist (MH)
  • Master Iridologist (MI)
  • Certificate in Nutritional Counseling (CNC)
  • Certified Health Specialist (CHS)
  • Associate Degree in Biblical Studies (ABS)

Students have the choice to enroll in multiple programs through Trinity. Special packages for multiple courses are offered to students interested in multiple courses. The total duration of time required for the completion of courses range from a minimum of 256 hours for CHS to a maximum of 1264 hours for ND. For students who are more proficient in Spanish, the school also offers 2 of its courses in Spanish language. All courses are offered solely through distance learning methodology.


Special requirements

There are some specific requirements demanded by the school which include the following

  • Students, who are willing to get enrolled in the school’s programs, need to have a high school diploma or any other equivalent certificate.
  • Depending on the course, students need to finish their education between 6 months to 5 years of enrollment.
  • Students are required to score at least 85% for passing their course.


Certifications and accreditations

Trinity’s courses are certified by the American Naturopathic Medical Accreditation Board (ANMAB) located in Las Vegas. However, since the school clearly emphasizes the fact that it isn’t a formal education provider or a vocational skills trainer, it is not associated with agencies certified by the US Department of Education.

The courses designed by Trinity are primarily meant to enhance the personal knowledge and well-being of students, rather than encouraging them to practice a career. However, many of the 3000 graduates from the school are applying the knowledge they gained from the courses in many ways that have improved their career mobility and chances.


Affordable options

Most health based schools demand expensive fees and longitudinal commitment from willing students. As a distance education provider and a provider of informal education, the courses of Trinity are designed to be affordable. Courses provided by the school start from only $695 for Certified Health Specialist to a maximum of $5,965 for all its courses in a package.

Discounts are offered to students who are willing to enroll themselves in multiple programs. However scholarships and grants aren’t available through the school, which can be understandable considering the low price structure of the courses. Students need to know that courses in naturopathy in the brick and mortar establishments cost an average of $60000. Instead of choosing an expensive option, choosing Trinity could save you time, money and effort.


Thus if you are willing to enhance your knowledge in Natural Health, you should definitely inquire with Trinity School of Natural Health. Look into their website at

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