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A Greener Business With Cloud Computing

greener business with cloud computingCloud computing has already proven to many businesses that it can save them both time and money, but can it help to save the planet too?

Well, did you know that a large company who moves its HR application to the public cloud could in fact cut its CO2 emissions by as much as 30,000 metric tons within the next five years? This is the equivalent of getting nearly 5900 cars off of our roads – which is quite a staggering statistic.

When we compare in-house data centres against cloud computing, there are some more interesting figures that could help your business think differently about sticking with your current data centre.

For example, server utilisation rates in a majority of corporations are near 5 or 10%, but cloud computing’s utilisation rates within shared data centre can be anywhere between 60 and 70%.

Resource and energy costs can be shared when opting for cloud computing whereas the climate control, electricity and equipment costs may have to be compartmentalised within an in-house data centre.

Another positive with cloud computing and services is that they are managed for maximum energy efficiency, which will mean your business will not need to continually upgrade your equipment to be more energy efficient. This also means that resources can be dynamically allocated when and where they are needed in comparison to in-house data centres that can often need more machines to be purchased in order to deal with the peak data loads.

These reasons are why many businesses around the world have decided to opt out of their current in-house data centres and opt into new cloud services to keep in top of their energy and storage efficiency.

Businesses around the world are looking for better ways to save money and cut costs and one of those is to use cloud computing. Not only is it a much more efficient way of storing important files and so on, it is a great money-saver.

Instead of having to spend money on IT staff who spend most of their time on troubleshooting problems and keeping on top of data centre maintenance, these staff can spend their time more valuably on IT projects and progress.

Overall business productivity can be dramatically improved through the help of cloud services and these services can be either scaled up or down in order to suit the needs and requirements of the relevant company.

So, when deciding how your business can be more economical, think cloud computing.



Thomas is a digital marketing expert and blogger of all things digital including cloud computing, search engine marketing and social media. Thomas recommends Bistech for cloud services .

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