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Greener Living: 5 Ways to Make Your Home Off-Grid Ready

Living off the grid is one of the greenest ways to live. In a modern world – where being on the grid is often the only to live – going off of it can seem like insanity. However, wouldn’t you want to eliminate your carbon footprint? Wouldn’t you want to get back to basics? When it comes down to it, going off the grid can be an incredible way to free yourself from the constraints that come along with modern living. For instance, why constantly pay for water and power when there is plenty of natural water and power all around you? Here are five ways to make your home off-grid ready.

  1. Build a water system. Water is critical to life and if you are going off-grid, you need to have an efficient system for drinking water and tap water – for bathing, doing dishes and all the other stuff you need water for. When it comes down to it, there are two methods for a water system. You could drill a well and rig a pump system to take advantage of the ground water, or you can build a rainwater system. The only difference is that with a rainwater system, you have to wait for rain.
  2. Build a self-sustaining sewage system. The easiest way to do this is to install a septic tank. A septic tank is one of the best systems you can use if you don’t want to be on the main sewage grid. You want to make sure, though, that there are no large trees near the septic tank, because you could risk a disaster when a tree root decides to puncture your septic tank. Anytime Septic Services can help you with any septic questions.
  3. Build an electrical system. Electricity is critical, but it is often the reason why many people have a hard time going off the grid. Yet, with the power of the sun, you could have electricity and never be on the grid again. All you need to do is visit Renogy and pick up some solar panels and a solar generator. When setting up your electrical outlets, all you need to do is link up the generator. You could technically have the power to run all the modern appliances you want to run, but why would you if you are living off the grid?
  4. Build a heating system. This is often one of the easiest systems to set up when you are living off the grid. After you have your solar electricity system set up, you could link all your furnaces to this source of power. You can also use a fireplace and a fire powered stove. The power of fire is incredible – and you don’t need natural gas to acquire it.
  5. Build an air conditioning system. When you are going off the grid, air conditioning can be difficult, so you have to get creative. For instance, you need to make sure you build vents where air can circulate. You may also want to open your windows at night during the warm season and then close them during the day to trap in the cool night air. At the end of the day, fans and buckets of ice can work wonders too.
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