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5 Unusual Uses For Paper Bags

Saving money is becoming an important part of many households and paper bags are showing their number of uses to help many homes look after the pennies.

We have created a list of 5 unusual uses for paper bags that you would never have thought of before:

1. Ripening fruit
If you are planning to use your fruit for a crumble or a pie so you can freeze it and eat it a number of times over the coming weeks, but the fruit isn’t quite ripe, place them in a paper bag. Paper bags are known to ripen fruits faster while still allowing sufficient ventilation.

2. Clearing Your Windscreen
The price of de-icer and scrapers that often break add up, whereas simply placing a few paper bags on your windscreen, underneath your window wipers, means they can be peeled off leaving a clear surface for you to see through. This is both cost effective and good for safety.

3. Arts And Crafts
You can never have too many materials for arts and crafts but paper bags can be used in a number of different ways. They can be painted, they can be cut and glued, they can be used for texture and they can even be made into parachutes, which is great for when the rain prevents the children from going out to play.

4. Compost
Paper bags and cardboard are both materials that earthworms enjoy, making them great for compost heaps. Chuck them on your compost heap and see great results.

5. Cleaning Mops
Once you clean the house, the mop can collect a lot of dust, dirt and debris and trying to remove it from the mop can often spread the dirt around the room again which is a nightmare. By putting the mop head into a paper bag and giving it a little shake will remove all of the dirt and dust from the mop into a bag without spreading it everywhere again.

There are so many ways we can reuse materials, and paper bags have a lot of interesting uses that mean you can save money when around the home instead of having to visit the supermarket to buy new products.



Thomas blogs about a number of things and one of his passions is helping people to save money easily around the home. For paper bags, Thomas recommends the Paper Bag Company.

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