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Designing a Naturally-Lit Home

Whether you are redesigning your old home, or you’re just getting a home loan to buy a new one, you can consider this an opportunity to build an eco-friendly and cost-efficient home. One good way to achieve this is to use natural lighting to brighten up your interiors. Not only can it save you dollars in cash, it is also healthy and very effective!

Below are the benefits you will enjoy from a naturally-lit home:

1) Natural lighting has energizing properties. Did you know that being exposed to sunlight, especially in the morning, is beneficial to your health? Early morning sunlight has Vitamin D, which is good for you and your kids, as well as plants and pets at home, if you have them.

2) It literally ‘lightens up’ your mood. Sunlight boosts the production of “happy hormones” (endorphins) inside your body. This gives you an idea on why darkness is associated with sadness and loneliness. Being in the light actually lifts your mood and gives you positive feelings.

3) It increases your productivity. Since bright lights can energize you and ward away feelings of doom and gloom, it only follows that your productivity rate also increases.

4) It makes your home picture-ready. Do you know what makes a beautiful picture? It’s not only about finding the perfect angle—lighting also plays a huge role. Nothing produces a better camera effect than natural lighting. The same applies for portraits, too.

5) It makes your home look more spacious. Poor lighting creates bigger shadows, hence, making the place appear darker and smaller.

6) Priceless ambience. Whether you’re in a super bright place, or a purposely dimmed part of the house, everyone will enjoy the natural ambient lighting, which can definitely make your house feel warmer and homier.

7) Lower electricity bills. How many times has a member of the family left the lights on for hours on end? Reducing the use of artificial lights at home definitely pays off in the long run, and help you cut back on your electricity bills.

8) It’s eco-friendly. Not only is natural lighting going to save you money, it is also good for the environment. The less light bulbs you buy, the less greenhouse gases you emit.

If you want your home and your family to start enjoying the benefits of natural lighting, here are the most important things to consider:

  • Maximize your sunlight use. You can refer to this short guide for many other useful pointers.
  • Use cotton or linen curtains. If you use thick types of curtains, you’ll block out the sun and air ventilation.
  • Determine which rooms need the most lighting and which ones can be less lit—for instance, bedrooms, or the room where you guys always watch TV or play video games.
  • It’s also vital to consider the best windows for your house. The south portion of your home will get the most sun, so you can place big windows here.
  • Also, you can install windows not only along walls. Consider different points where natural light can enter and install a window there, like the ceiling for instance. You might want to enlist the help of an interior decorator or a designer to ensure better lighting efficiency.
  • Place potted plants inside your home. They can definitely benefit from natural lighting, while at the same time, further beautify your home.

Natural lighting saves money and help you do your part in saving the earth. One of the things to remember when applying for a home loan is to ensure that you get the most out of your loan—and you can do this by aiming for cost-efficiency and long-term eco-friendly solutions. So don’t forget to consider natural lighting when you are getting a new house or renovating your home.


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