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5 Quick Home Modifications to Help You Conserve Energy

Every homeowner wants to cut back on extra, wasteful spending. As energy costs are steadily rising, many individuals are desperately seeking ways to reduce their monthly energy bills while also helping the environment and lowering their carbon footprint. Luckily there are several things any homeowner can do to save energy and cut back on spending. Here are 5 quick home modifications to help you conserve energy at home now.

  1. Make sure your home is well insulated. Often when we heat or cool our homes, if the house is not well insulated, that energy is leaking outside and so your HVAC systems must work that much harder to keep a consistent, comfortable temperature throughout your home. Check areas like the attic where energy is often wasted the most. It is all too common that attics have no been properly insulate. Adding another layer to the walls can help ensure that heat is not lost in the cold winter months. In the summer, insulation will prevent the attic space from getting to warm, which can trickle down into the rest of your home.
  2. Don’t throw money out the window. Or the door for that matter. Sealing up windows and doors can help reduce drafts and keep your home energy efficient. Check all exterior facing windows and doors for gaps, cracks, holes of leaks. To fix these problems, clean the area thoroughly. Then, purchase an indoor caulk fro your local hardware store or home and garden center. Apply the caulk all around the edges of the window or door frame and work the substance into these spaces that need to be filled. This can make a huge difference regarding the efficiency of your home and is a quick, affordable, simple weekend project anyone can do!
  3. Get your HVAC inspected. You should have your HVAC system and furnace inspected at least once each year, and ideally once every 6 months in preparation for the summer and winter months. Often, the average homeowner cannot identify issues or efficiency problems of the heating and cooling systems in a home. Even if you don’t think you’re experiencing problems, having a professional come in and take a look can help you to identify any emerging issues before they escalate and cause serious energy inefficiency. This person can also help with troubleshooting tips for boiler problems or nay other questions and concerns you may have.
  4. You should change filters for your furnace and your air ducts twice per year. Filters often get filled with debris, dust and other things you don’t want to inhale while in your home. Over time, these get full and extremely dirty. So much so, that eventually air cannot pass through as well, so the heat or cool air is not able to access the rooms of your home. The HVAC system then begins to use more energy, trying to get your house to the temperature set on the thermostat.
  5. Finally, change some habits regarding electricity and light usage. Be aware when you turn something on. If you are not using it anymore, turn it off. Whenever you leave a room, get in the habit of shutting the light. Also, try turning off and unplugging other appliances when they are inactive such as computers, chargers, the toaster or other items. Finally, switch light bulbs in exchange for more energy efficient options. These energy efficient bulbs are often more expensive upfront, but they last a significantly longer amount of time, so you’re really getting more bang for your buck!

Instead of throwing energy and money away, make mindful proactive decisions to reduce the energy consumption and waste in your home. These projects are simple, affordable, and effective! Once you employ these tips, you will begin to see significant results on your next energy bill!

Clay Miller
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  • Thanks for the tips. Already have insulation. Changing the habits with electricity will be the hardest, but me and my fiance decided to start living Eco-friendly. Hopefully it won’t backfire like with the juice cleance.

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