Go Green to Boost Student’s Academic Performance

Many students today are struggling with their day to day lives in school. In result their grades are slowly taking a deep plunge. What they do is double their effort to study. But they also have other matters to do, juggling all of these while studying is taxing.

As a student, it is your responsibility to have better academic performance. Getting low marks in your transcript of records can affect your future career. Before that happens, you have to start an environment friendly lifestyle and take a big step to success.

How does going green helps students?  Here are few reasons how it can improve their academic performance:


Walking Saves Energy and Also Helps the Brain

Now, you have an excuse to miss the school bus every morning. Researchers in Dana-Fabar and Harvard Medical School found that a specific molecule released during exercise, effectively protects your brain from degeneration. The molecules, called Irisin are produced as chain reaction to exercise. This molecule in turn, activates the learning and memory genes. Ditch those high-carbon emission vehicles and stick to walking. You are not only saving mother earth, but you are also making your self fit and intelligent.


Organic Foods are Healthier

Research in Stanford University confirmed that, compared to chemically grown foods, organic foods do not make people any healthier. But without poisonous insecticides and synthetic fertilizers, organic foods are at least safer to eat. You do not want these toxins getting into you blood stream and later on affecting your mental ability. With organic food such as whole grain, blueberries, tomatoes, broccoli and more, you get vitamins that boost brain power. Some of these vitamins and minerals are: vitamin B, folic acid, vitamin K, lycopene and more.


Reduce Paper for Convenience

Traditional tests, essay writing projects and school activities require students to write on papers. Decrease this to help the environment. Students should contribute to lessening carbon footprints by submitting essays online. You save more than 50% of resources if you ditch traditional process. Sometimes students have to write fast to accommodate time to print their papers. The results are poorly written projects. Going online makes submitting convenient to the students and fast for their professors.


Cleaner Environment Makes You  Inspired to Study

A clean and green environment is conducive to learning. Fresh air and a great ambiance sets the mood of students to study harder. They won’t find their surrounding distracting so they are focused to studying. Also a green environment lessen eye strain. Studies say that the color green calms the nerves in the eyes, so even in long use, it does not easily get tired. Students should take part in keeping their environment clean because they benefit from it.


Green Living Teaches Responsibility

As you know, saving the earth is a very difficult agenda. However, it makes people responsible, a very important trait for students to do well in school. Responsible students works hard in studying, doing their projects and participating in their class, because they understand its effect to their future. If you want to learn how to be a responsible students, you should start by being a responsible citizen of earth.


Energy Efficient Light Bulbs Are Better When Studying

Energy efficiency should also be learned by students. Aside from saving enough energy to light more than three million homes, and preventing the release of greenhouse gas emission, these eco-friendly light bulbs also help you in studying. They are brighter and more radiant so studying late at night, won’t be difficult for your eyes.

These are some reasons why students should start caring for the environment. They do not only save the world from destruction caused by global warming, they also pave their way to a better life and career.


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Lace Wander is a blogger and writer. She is also an environmentalist and an anima lover. When she is not busy working as a writer for bestessays, she stays at home with her dog and tend to her small garden.

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