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The Fine Art of Recycling At Home

We’re thinking outside the box to get people to recycle. In fact, we’re doing it with a bag – and with client partnerships that may seem a little non-traditional. How can a painting, a barber shop and a bag encourage people to recycle? The RecyclerSack is a creative solution that’s starting a movement to change how you recycle at home, specifically in the bathroom. The bathroom may seem like a small space, but recycling in this small space can make a big difference.

The RecyclerSack combines fine-art and sustainability all in one trendy bag. This perfectly-sized reusable & recyclable bag has uniquely designed nature-themed artwork that makes you want to recycle. The bag serves to elevate the décor while providing a convenient way to recycle at home.

fine art of recycling at home


Most people recycle at home, but not in the bathroom. In a report commissioned by Johnson & Johnson, 7 out of 10 Americans say they always or almost always recycle, yet only 1 in 5 consistently recycles bathroom items. Why? We believe it’s because there’s no vehicle to enable recycling in most bathrooms. The bathroom is a small space that requires an elegant recycling solution. The RecyclerSack looks beautiful and provides a way for you to collect recyclables in the bathroom. The bags are covered with exclusively designed eco-themed paintings to engage you in the recycling process. It’s so colorful that you’ll want to keep the bag in sight. Most importantly, it reminds you that every plastic bottle you recycle makes a difference. The RecyclerSack looks cool and shows your commitment to recycling.

The latest client to join the RecyclerSack movement is Arlan’s Barber Shop in Omaha NE. The owner, Arlan Peak, gives out a RecyclerSack bag to his clients after they come in for a haircut. While you may not think a barber shop as a place to start a green movement, this is in fact the very best place for a grassroots movement to take hold. Arlan’s clients look forward to receiving a RecyclerSack bag when they come in to get a haircut. The bags feature the most popular painting, “Hummingbird Summer”, along with his shop’s logo so that people remember to come back to Arlan’s and they remember to recycle! People place the bags in their bathrooms at home to collect recyclables throughout the week. The bags can be reused several times before eventually being recycled along with traditional grocery bags. By the time the customer is ready for another haircut, Arlan is top of mind, the world is a little more beautiful, and a new design awaits at Arlan’s Barber Shop.

fine art of recycling at home“I am proud to enable and inspire my customers to recycle with the RecyclerSack. The paintings on the bag are beautiful and recycling to preserve the environment is beautiful too. The bags allow me to provide my customers with a unique experience beyond the barber shop. I want people to be combing their hair in the bathroom and thinking about what they should be recycling in that space. It’s great if they think of Arlan’s Barber Shop too! It’s a win-win for everyone.” says Arlan Peak, who has seen great customer engagement from the bags.

The RecyclerSack is a creative way for you to start recycling in the bathroom at home. Recycling is a habit that can start in even the smallest room in the house. Once you place a RecyclerSack in the bathroom, you might surprise yourself and start recycling more in other spaces too.


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