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Learn Sustainability From Green Mountain College

In today’s society, most college campuses are taking a step to become more environmentally friendly. As a student at Green Mountain College, one of the greenest schools in the nation, my colleagues and I have a strong sense of how to be aware of our impact on the environment and our college’s impact on the environment. We went to neighboring schools and interviewed other students about what their campus does to be sustainable.

The things we heard most were that recycling was a new big intuitive, but they lacked the knowledge of any other campus wide greening activities, other than recycling and “do it in the dark,” an electricity saving competition. We were told by a sustainability club member that there were many things that their campus was doing; composting, banning all plastic water bottles and giving incoming students Nalgene’s, and energy saving events. The second college we visited only had a few recycling bins.

My colleagues and I then thought of a few tips to share to other students, that are looking to be more eco-conscious;

– making recycling bins on campus more available

– use less paper towels

– Print double-sided

–  upcycle

– re-use old papers

– try to get local grown foods (not only are they better for you but you’ll be supporting local farmers)

– use energy efficient light bulbs

– see if your campus can start a greening fund dedicated to making the campus greener

– use campus wide contests to reduce waste/ energy

– ban plastic bottles and switch to reusable water bottles

– start composting

Stay Eco-Conscious!


By Ethan Cooper from Green Mountain College.


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