Top 5 Refinery Waste Treatment & Management Companies

The scope of refinery waste treatment has evolved throughout the years with changes in socioeconomic conditions, and the environment. Today, sewage infrastructure and hazardous waste disposal that is well planned supports urban sanitation. Effective refinery waste treatment and management is vital for nutrient recycling and for sustaining ecosystem integrity.

Today, there are various refinery waste management companies, offering highly effective waste management services. However, here’s a look at the top 5 refinery waste treatment and management companies, which I have collected after a detailed personal study around their services, past and current projects etc:



Since 2000, Therma-Flite is one of the leading refinery waste management companies in the world. Therma-Flite’s Indirect Thermal Desorption Units can recover 99.5% of hydrocarbons from refinery waste streams and drilling mud like tank-bottom sludges, catalyst fines etc. The Therma-Flite TDU recovers the oil and diesel from the refinery waste streams in a manner that the diesel and oil can be re-sold or re-used with little to no additional processing.


ART Engineering LLC

ART Engineering LLC (ART) is a dedicated environmental remediation company centered in Tampa, Florida. ART deals in providing a variety of solutions to the petroleum, and petrochemical industries to treat and manage various hazardous and non-hazardous refinery waste streams. The company uses a set of proven technologies for tank bottom sludge treatment, refinery wastes treatment, Hydrocarbon recovery management, hydrocarbon soil treatment, thermal desorption, and more.


RLC Technologies Inc.

Established in 1997, and based in Richmond Virginia, RLC Technologies develops high-end technological solutions mainly for the treatment of soil, sludge, and other hazardous materials. Their solutions are built around the indirect thermal desorption process, and have been employed on various successful thermal remediation projects across the globe. RLC Technologies is presently known as one of the leading companies in the design and process of thermal remediation systems for the oil and gas industry.


Nelson Environmental Remediation (NER) Ltd

NER specializes in a broad range of contaminated site cleanup services, quarterbacked mainly by thermal decontamination soil units, and Thermal Soil Remediation process. The company’s expertise in On-Site Thermal Desorption claims to be the most ecologically effective way of eradicating toxicity in contaminated soils.


Seaport Refining & Environmental LLC

Located in Redwood, California, Seaport Refining & Environmental LLC is basically a fuel terminal and 1,000 barrel a day Transmix plant. The company’s specialty lies in its 24/7 services, making it to be one of the leaders in refinery waste treatment and management.


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