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Three Ways to Use Reclaimed Wood in Your Home

If you’re environmentally conscious, one of the issues that is likely to be pressing on your mind is deforestation. When you know that over 36 football fields-worth of forest are destroyed every single minute, it’s difficult to imagine how anybody could support such action.

Yet despite this, wood is one of the best materials to use in the home. It adds character, colour, texture and atmosphere to a room wherever it is used, and for this reason, many people are willing to overlook the environmental and ecological ramifications of purchasing wooden furniture and installing wooden features in the home.

However, there is another option that means that you don’t have to contribute to deforestation to have wooden products. The alternative is reclaimed wood. If you’re unfamiliar with its application, we’ve selected three of the best ways we think you can use reclaimed wood in your home – and you won’t have to chop down a single tree to do so.


Reclaimed Wood Flooring

There’s no substitute for a real wood floor, and with reclaimed wood, you can have just that. Using this helpful website, you can locate your nearest community wood recycling center that stocks all kinds of reclaimed wood for extremely low prices. Once you’ve found the right wood, take up your existing floor, turn your newly sourced wood into equal-length planks, sand them and varnish them to ensure a smooth, treated finish, and then lay them to create a wonderful, sustainable wooden floor in your home; all from recycled wood.


Reclaimed Pallet Living Room Table

A chunky living room table can be the centerpiece to a living room, and a reclaimed wooden pallet table could be a real talking point for when you have guests around. To start this inexpensive project, you’ll need to find a wooden pallet, strip the planks from the top and bottom, sand them, stain them and wax them to give them an even finish, and then press them back together using a strong wood glue and braces to create your table’s surface. You can then attach bracketed wheels to the bottom to give your table some well-needed lift, as well as movability.


Reclaimed Dining Room Table

Finally, when it comes to the dining table, nothing beats the functionality, style and character of a solid wood table. To create your own using reclaimed materials, go to your nearest wood recycling point and collect long panels of wood that you’ll be able to lay in parallel to create your table top. Apply the methods you used to create your pallet living room table, but this time, add longer legs to the table, instead of wheels.

Ultimately, reclaimed wooden furniture is a great way to add the character and atmosphere to your home that can only be brought with wood, but without adding to the problem of deforestation. Of course, if you don’t have the time to design and create your own reclaimed wood projects, you can purchase reclaimed furniture from reputable online retailers and have it delivered to your door. However you decide to acquire your reclaimed wood furniture, don’t wait.

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  • I am surprised to know this different uses of hardwood flooring..i will definitely choose wooden flooring for my house renovation . thank you so much for this article

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