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How To Load Bulk Items In A Storage Container

Since these containers may be travelling hundreds of miles by land or by sea, it’s imperative that they be secure. Therefore, consider getting strong steel shipping containers in Adelaide or other parts of Australia. Find a company that offers general purpose containers, high cube containers, and dangerous goods containers, which work for both non-dangerous and dangerous items. By following these few tips about loading, you could definitely help with hazardous environment risks. These packing suggestions will not only help safely ship your goods, they will also make sure you are not hurting Mother Nature.

Loading Barrels and Drums

Begin by checking that none of the barrels or drums is leaking, as leaking drums hinder the stability of the entire load.  It’s recommended that you load barrels and drums upright with the drainage holes facing upwards.

Before loading drums or barrels, calculate the number of rows you’ll need in the storage container. The formula includes dividing the length of the container by the diameter of the drum. Once you’ve established your rows, arrange the drums and barrels tightly next to each other. Dunnage or packing materials should be laid between tiers to protect items. This is especially important for barrels of earthenware dishes.

Wooden barrels don’t handle stress well so support them extra carefully at the sides with not only dunnage but pallets or strips of wood. In addition, both metal drums and barrels must be secured at the doorways. You can accomplish this by staggering the barrels or drums, securing them with steel straps, or bracing them with wood.

Loading Rolls and Coils

Rolls can either be stored vertically or horizontally, and sometimes it depends if they’re paper rolls or heavy steel coils. If you’re stowing the rolls upright or vertical, position the paper rolls close together and secure with beams by the door. Secure steel coils in a similar fashion and brace them with steel straps. If they’re heavy coils, check the weight allotment for the container and load the coils onto pallets if necessary.

If loading rolls or coils horizontally, begin with layer of wedges before beginning a tier of paper rolls. Position plastic mats or rugs between each tier to reduce friction of the rolls.  Similar to vertical loading, heavy steel coils should be secured to a wooden pallet when loading them into your steel storage container horizontally as well. After securing the rolls, fill in empty spaces with wooden pallets so they don’t move.

Packing Bulk Liquids

You may transport non- hazardous bulk liquids like wine, printing ink, or latex in approved tank containers. The tank must be filled between 80% and 95% in case it expands because of heat. It must be filled to 80 % to eliminate surging movements during transport.

In addition, you may also transport wine or latex in liquid bulk bags in standard steel storage containers. If you use these, they must be secured to the door with strong steel strap, and that they are attached to the anchor rings of the container. While it’s imperative that you secure your load of liquids, you also need to watch the pressure is evenly distributed.

Shipping Containers for Hire

Standard shipping container hire from Port Container Services features strong steel storage containers. You can choose to rent the container for short or long term storage, and the containers can survive any kind of weather, no matter if it’s wind, storms, or excessive sunlight. It is not that hard to find what suits your shipping needs if you just know where to look.

Get the best advice from friends or search through the internet. What’s important is you know how to load these big bulky items on to your shipping containers.

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