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Steps for Energy Savings in a Large House

When owning a large home, you must be ready to maintain the home. This means more rooms to clean, more floors to mop, etc. As the owner of a large home it also means larger cost. Not only does the home have a large cost with the mortgage but you also have operational cost. A big operational cost in any home is with electricity but in a large home, the amount of electricity used can be astronomical. It is important to learn how to save energy in the home to not only be environmentally friendly but also to lessen the blow of your monthly utility bill. Below are a few simple steps you can take to use less energy and see better savings based on energy usage.


Lights Off!

To get started, make a new rule about the lighting in the home. When you are not in a room or you are not in need of lighting, turn the lights off! This little change in the home can mean a big difference in energy usage when you consider the size of your home. Impart this rule to everyone, including the kiddos, to help lessen your utility bill and energy usage.



From mobile phones to tablets and computers, we all use a plethora of technology in today’s society. All of these gadgets need to be charged and charging takes power. When you have TVs, radios, appliances and the like plugged up all the time you are using energy. Install power strips were possible so you can turn off the power to your electronics to save energy.



During the winter months, the home needs to be warm for you to be comfortable. Using the heating system can be a big chunk of energy usage. Make sure your home is properly sealed so the unit does not have to work overtime to heat the home. When you have a leak in the home, the system will continue to work to bring about the desired temperature. With proper sealing, the home can reach the desired temperature and the unit will shut off, saving you electricity.


Temperature Control

Temperature control is an important part of using less energy. If you install a programmable thermostat in your home, you can control the energy usage at all times for your heating system. While away from home, you can preset the temperature. This way, you can give your unit a break while you are away and still have a warm home when you arrive. You can use temperature control at night as well to lower the temperature while you are asleep for additional savings.



Heat can easily leak out of the home when insulation is not installed properly. This is basically wasted energy. Imperial Building & Roofing says if you have the proper insulation in the home, you are able to trap the heat and your unit will shut off after the set temperature is reached. Add more insulation to attic spaces with sparse insulation for less energy usage.


Energy Efficient HVAC System

If you are looking to install a new HVAC system, be sure to have an energy efficient system installed. A unit with an ENERGY STAR rating is ready to perform at maximum potential without using too much energy. You will not only have a new unit to provide you with comfort but also a unit that uses less energy in the process.


Closing off Unused Rooms

Because you live in a large home, there will most likely be rooms you do not use. Close off these rooms and shut air vents to use less energy. Remember to cut off the lights and you will see a great savings with this simple change.


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