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Let’s Go Green with These Easy & Simple Wall Decorating Ideas


Wall Decorating ideasIn the last few years, phrases such as “Eco-Friendly” “Earth Friendly” & “Go Green” have become buzzwords. The motive behind these sayings was to inform people about losing the natural environment of the earth due to toxic additives, pollution, and materials that are not recyclable. Since then, the push to go green has inspired people from all industries to contribute to this good cause and to make the earth a better place to live.

Adhering to the “go green” principles, this article will provide you eco-friendly wall decorating ideas and tips to help you contribute to a nature-friendly environment.


How to go green with easy wall decorating ideas

Today, the best and easiest way to go green is to adopt natural elements like trees, plants, flowers, stones, etc. into your decor. Often, these natural elements of the earth can launch a vignette into excellence.

Artwork looks awesome when curated together. Utilizing dried leaves of different trees and all different shapes could be a great idea to decorate a wall in an organic way. Since it’s natural, it doesn’t have a negative environmental impact. Also, it would be fun for you to enjoy with your kids. Simply, gather a bunch of colorful leaves from a park and press them under a book for few hours. Once straightened, glue them on your choice of textured paper.

With the emerging technologies, people are now commonly moving towards merging nature and technology to create a beautiful environment. If branches and shells aren’t your thing, then you can take advantage of the printing technology. Using the 2D representation of flowers or animals printed on pillows can bring a sophisticated look of nature to your home decor.

A beautiful bedroom is everyone’s dream. Often, decorating the wall behind your bed is a confusing task. However, a simple and sophisticated solution to this would be hanging a dried twisty and spindly pronged branch (especially Manzanita branches) on your bedroom wall with a white woody texture.

When it comes to decorating your bathroom, a great way is to make use of small stones and pebbles. Using stones and pebbles on bathroom walls and floors lends a natural and cool effect.

Often it is said that beauty is gifted in the most unexpected places by the nature, such as agate found on sea shores and in the deep sea. Agate is a banded form of finely-grained, microcrystalline quartz, and when cut into two, it can add a natural appeal and unique texture to your bookshelf. Additionally, you can pair a twisty branch in a vase filled with small pebbles to enhance its display.

Plants act as a natural and easily affordable filter. They basically absorb the carbon dioxide and release oxygen. This idea can be utilized in your kitchen to keep it filled with fresh air. A wall window is the best place to install the potted plants. Moreover, you can decorate your kitchen wall with a small herb garden. In this way, you can use the fresh herbs which will keep you healthy as well.

I hope you find these eco-friendly wall decorating ideas useful.

Happy decorating!


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