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What’s So Good About Going Electric?

Whether it is electric cars or electric bikes, motorists are moving towards a more economical way to be on the road and it could be time to consider joining them.

Why? We are going to look at reasons more and more people are moving towards an electric future.

First of all, why should you choose an electric bike?

  • Get fit – more exercise is a good thing for many of us so opting to bike instead of using a car or bus is a good routine for exercise.
  • Save time – Going door-to-door it can often be quicker than going by car and you won’t be sat in traffic either.
  • Save money – One of the main benefits of using an electric bike or electric car is the monetary benefits. The cost of fuel, parts and servicing or tolls soon adds up and can become very expensive.
  • Go further, faster, and fresher – Even if you already cycle to work or to the shops, an electric bike can in fact improve your range allowing you to do regular trips that you may struggle to do otherwise.
  • Go green – Electric bikes do consume some energy but that energy is far less than any car or motorbike. And, if you are able to have your own wind turbine then an electric bike is sustainable.
  • Have fun! – If you already cycle you will know how fun it can be but with an electric bike, if you struggle you can get a bit of assistance from the bike, making light work of any evil hills throughout your journey.


And for those thinking of moving towards an electric car, you could be enjoying a better driving experience too. Majority of the advertisements for electric cars mainly focus on the efficiency of the car and how good it is for the environment, but many of them have a great driving experience too. They are quiet and smooth too, which is great and might take you by surprise.

The prices of electric bikes and cars are slowly decreasing in price too, which is great for you and I. This will also mean that you won’t need to use the vehicle a lot before it has made up its money. Good news all round.

Clay Miller
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