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3 Eco-Friendly Tips for Furnishing Your Garden

Everyone dreams about turning their outdoors into something more than a beautiful sight – on hot summer days, nothing beats getting out on a patio setting and being able to comfortably spend time in the garden with your family.

But throwing together a few plastic chairs just won’t cut it – a garden is a serene and peaceful place, so a delicate touch is required to turn it into a place where family members and friends will want to spend time on. Therefore making sure that the garden furniture is in harmony with the nature’s setting is essential, and having natural, eco-friendly furniture can go a long way to making the garden becoming your own personal sanctuary.

But how to furnish your garden in an eco-friendly way?

Well, it requires a little bit of planning and preparation, but here are three tips that you should seriously consider:

Use Recycled Materials

First of all, it’s obvious that if you want a truly eco-friendly and tranquil garden, toxic plastic or other materials simply won’t be an option, but luckily nowadays you can find more than enough suppliers that specialise in providing green products which are recycled, made out of natural materials or both.

Not only is this a great way to do your part in protecting the environment, but when you buy furniture from re-used materials, you can often find that they have very unique and innovative designs – using materials that were originally for another purpose and finding creative ways to build beautiful pieces of furniture off them.

In fact, if you’re feeling creative yourself, you might actually find yourself repurposing some of your own things in a creative way to make them a part of your outdoor garden, which can be the perfect personal touch to an already beautiful garden.

Choose Durable Furniture

Obviously, if you want to be ecologically aware, you must take into account the longevity of your garden furniture – the more often you have to throw away furniture because it succumbs to the effects of environmental factors like wind and precipitation, the more materials you have to use again.

Besides, who has time to change their garden furniture every other year?

Of course, no outdoor furniture lasts forever, but you can do your part to prolong its life as well. Finding a place to store the furniture during the off seasons of the year can give them a much longer lifespan. Also, for materials that are more susceptible to the effects of rain and wind, consider using covers that would reduce the direct influence.

Opt for Energy-Efficient Lighting

Finally, if you want to go the extra mile in your eco-friendly efforts, think about your outdoor lighting solutions for those evenings that you want to spend outdoors as well.

Even something as simple as using energy-efficient lighting can really accumulate and not only help the environment, but your energy bill as well. And if you’re worried about the sometimes annoying light of the eco-friendly lights, consider using outdoor lamps which can reduce the brightness and even change the colour of the light.


Author Bio:

This article is written and provided by Jeremy. He works with Seats Plus – a family owned & operated business that supplies quality outdoor seating and aluminium furniture for over a decade.

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    Garden can enhance the looks of a house. It also provides a Eco friendly environment to your home. So try to keep a small garden around your living place. your tips are nice. Thanks 🙂

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