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How to Make an Eco-Friendly Green Home?

All over the world people are now becoming aware of the dangers they have created, harming the nature. Deforestation, increase in pollution rate and much more, are not merely topics to have debate. People have become more environmentally conscious and interested in adapting habits and methods that help to create a greener lifestyle. Among all these, there is a ‘green solution’ that solves one of the major problems, i.e. having a shelter of own. It will be a great start to create your own environment friendly home using a shipping container. Check how you can make a green, healthy and cost effective container house:

Designing a Green Dream Home

shipping_container1There are various ways you can use shipping containers, either they can be joined together for more space or stack them on top of each other for creating a multi-storey building. This makes clear that you can easily design a shipping container home in the way you want. Building alluring shapes in a shorter span of time is possible, which is difficult when using traditional building techniques.

Power your Home with Nature

shipping_container2It will take some efforts to make an effective change. Thus, it is required to opt for alternative power sources, which can save money, time and nature too. Try solar power or wind power. Employing a small wind turbine or a solar system is a good option; the selection will depend greatly on the weather in your region. Moreover, get these containers modified for more number of windows so that the natural light comes is and reduces your energy bills.

Water for Your Shipping Container Home

It is not possible to dig a well but there can be taken some steps to collect rainwater. This collected water can be used later for extra activities like things such as watering plants in your kitchen garden or washing your car.

Along this, there is lot more you can add to your green home. If you love gardening, you can make a kitchen garden and plant your favourite veggies, fruits and even flowers to decorate your home naturally. All these will make your dream of a beautiful living space come true and also add a contribution of yours to protect environment!


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Jason Markin is the owner of RTC Container Sales, a company that deals with shipping containers of every type, including the new containers, used containers, etc. He is also a passionate blogger, who keep updating his readers timely regarding the leaps and bounds in the shipping industry.

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  • Hi Jason, Balancing the nature with our efforts is really a good try to keep maintaining it. You have presented really nice steps to go green with shipping container homes. In such technology age we have to take steps to preserve our nature. Thanks for sharing.

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