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Why it Pays to Spend More on the Right Battery

Getting a gift that runs out of battery power too quickly is something nobody wants to experience. Buying the right battery for a gift being given, or especially for a child’s toy, shows that the gift giver is going the extra mile to make sure the receiver gets the most out of their gift. A few of the reasons why it pays to spend more on the right battery include:

  • Longer battery life
  • Reduced chance of corrosion
  • Consistent power


Extending the Life of Batteries

Comparing cheap generic batteries with name brand batteries will reveal a significant difference in how long each one of them last. Cheaper batteries mean cheaper materials are being used, reducing how effective the battery powers the item. This is true for anything with low-power uses, such as a remote control, and for items which require a lot of power, such as a wireless mouse.

When batteries are given with a gift, the conclusion that a recipient is probably going to regarding battery life will almost always come from their association of “cheap” with non-brand name and “quality” with something branded. Even though a longer battery life is not the only benefit you get from a slightly more expensive brand, it will likely be the only thing on the recipient’s mind.

Avoiding Corrosion

Corrosion is a serious problem that can ruin any gift that requires batteries and it is a major risk with batteries of a cheaper variety. Generally, as the price of a battery goes down, the quality of the outer casing goes down with it. While the thickness of the casing may stay relatively the same across all brands of batteries, the alloys used in the manufacturing process can be markedly different. Some alloys are much better suited to handle the corrosive nature of batteries, and the outside elements, these alloys usually end up costing more, but the end result is a better battery.

After awhile, corrosion will render the battery terminals unable to properly conduct electricity, resulting in the item becoming relatively useless. This happens more quickly when cheap batteries are used in devices and then are left inside them for a long time. Corrosion is much less of a risk with higher quality batteries, which is good for low-power devices which can draw on the same battery for months or years.

Keeping the Power Consistent

With cheaper batteries, power usage and time will start to degrade how well the battery can function. While the battery may not necessarily be out of power, it may have degraded to the point where it cannot deliver sufficient electricity to run the device. This is the result of the metals used in the manufacturing and assembly process. Constantly turning the device on and off can speed up the rate at which these batteries will degrade, while high quality batteries can take much more in the way of constant use before power consistency becomes an issue.

The lack of power consistency can lead consumers to discard the batteries before they have been completely drained of power, resulting in wasted money and more frequent replacements.

A more expensive battery can actually save consumers money in the long run, depending what the batteries are going into. For most devices, especially ones which are going to be used often or that require a lot of power, brand name, high quality batteries are worth the extra money. There are plenty of reputable online battery providers, such as, which specialize in high quality brand name batteries, at a reasonable price.

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