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Power Shortages Due In 2015

There was an interesting news article I read a few years ago warning the UK that they would have major power shortages and outages in 2015, this was according the power regulation Ofgem. Reading further into news reports it is clear that this is not just limited to the UK, many countries are using up their spare capacity tanks. We all know energy is running out and at a rapid rate!


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Many people around the world, even America, are forced to use candle light as entire cities plummet into darkness.

The New Trend For 2015

I think people are finally starting to stand up and realise what we are doing to the planet, how fast we are destroying it by sucking the life out of the planet with oils. Many people are starting to now look into renewable energy as a way of powering their own homes:

  • Solar Water Heating Systems
  • Solar Powered Electricity
  • Wind Powered Turbines
  • Hydroelectricity
  • Bioenergy
  • Tidal Power
  • Wave Power


Yeah many of these obviously cannot be installed in the home such as wave power, but the point I am trying to make is, everyone is jumping on the bandwagon and chipping in, I seriously think 2015 is the year where the homeowners will start installing the solar panels. Here where I live I already see at least 30 homes with them on, these were installed in 2014 all in the same year.


solar panels
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Natural Resources

You could take an entire modern home and easily turn it into a green machine really easily, the initial investments may be high but we are looking on the long run here, not only on financial savings but saving our planet at the same time. We can harness the power of our winds, harness the power of our sun and so many other things the government is now doing like using the power of the tides and converting that into renewable sources of energy.

I always think what it would be like if every household worldwide was able to install solar panels and at least one turbine (small one of course), what would happen to the planet and how much we would save financially. We would cut down on the crude oils and nuclear energy, leaving the planet clean and green for the next generation.


Biography: My name is Sophie and I do have a real inner passion for our planet and saving energy, I live in the UK and have already had solar panels fitted by a company called AllBrightUK, they did a fantastic job of the installation and I feel like I am doing my bit towards saving the planet, next comes a turbine or two, maybe even a log burning fire!

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