How Do We Maintain Indoor Air Quality in the Winter?

Since you spend most of your day indoors, it’s important that your air quality is top notch. That’s even more so when you’re in the winter months as some areas get quite cold. Windows and doors are left tightly shut and make it impossible to get in new fresh air throughout the home. Learning how to maintain indoor air quality in the winter is important to your entire family’s health. Bad air quality can cause a multitude of health problems. Take these tips and ideas to help your family make it through winter with good clean air.

What Pollutes Indoor Air?

You may be wondering how your indoor air can become polluted when there’s no cars or other typical outdoor pollutants involved. There are several ways your indoor air quality can become stale and toxic. Pets in the home leave pet dander around and it can reduce your air quality. While they are wonderful to have, the air does need to be circulated and refreshed while they’re there. Dust and pollen can make its way into your home and hundreds of people are allergic to these two.

Air fresheners can actually leave behind pollution even though they are there to make the air smell better. Furniture can release chemicals depending on the type. You’re cleaning solutions release things into your air and even your carpet can release dirt, dust and chemicals.

Don’t forget things like mold, mildew or other pollutants such as these that can also pop up in the home or air system.

Can’t I just Clean?

Yes. Keeping your home free of dust and dirt does help but remember the cleaning chemicals will also pollute the air in your home. Some children are even allergic to certain cleaners so that can cause double issues in the air quality. Try using non harsh cleaning products to help reduce that issue when you are cleaning your home.

What Can I Do?

There are several things you can do to help clean the air in your home during the winter. If and when the weather permits, open a window or two to help circulate fresh air in. If this is not possible, consider using attic fans or something similar that can bring fresh air into the home. This helps to push the dirty old air out and help you breathe in fresh from the outdoors.

Make sure you’re doing everything you can to control moisture. Do not let your bathrooms sit closed after taking a shower. Try to use the exhaust fans or crack a window to help draw out the moisture in there. You can get dehumidifiers if this is an issue with your home.

One product on the market to help you breathe easier is an air cleaner. You can have this installed and it will help to make sure you have clean, fresh air to breathe at all times. These can be installed by your HVAC Contractor and will assist you and your family, especially in cases of asthma or allergies.

Replace air filters regularly. This is one of the first defenses in getting your air cleaner. Those filters catch dust, dirt, pet dander and pollen and make it easier to breathe. If they are dirty they can clog up the system and also do not do a good job of cleaning your air.

Be sure to keep your family safe in the winter months by utilizing these tips on getting the best indoor air quality during that time. On days that are a little warmer and allow you to open windows, try to do that so you can circulate fresh air.

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