Different Types of Cast Iron Radiators and What Style Goes With What Theme of Room

Cast iron radiators make any room warm and cosy. Over the years designers have improved upon their performance, and now manufacturers offer several design selections, combining function and style. From simplicity to elegance, there are many to choose from. Homeowners, contractors, and interior design consultants can find the perfect radiator for any room, apartment, or home with a minimal amount of shopping.

However, having lots of options can be a bit overwhelming when considering a purchase. Homeowners looking to remodel want to get it right on the first attempt–after all, they are spending a considerable amount of  time and money. That’s why having someone in the know explain the different types of cast iron radiators and what style goes with what theme of room can be very helpful. When seeking the right look to match a room, and an ordinary, white, flat panel radiator like those that installers often purchase just won’t do, envisioning the house or room’s theme is the key to making the right choice.

The Grace of Older Homes

There is nothing more rewarding then restoring an older home to its original grace and glory. Sometimes it may be necessary to make some upgrades; radiators may need to be refurbished or even replaced. If they just need a make-over, homeowners can have old radiators refurbished in a variety of colour choices by professionals. And replacement parts are certainly available, as well. When restoring an older home, though, choosing radiators to match the time period is important if one desires credible results. An art deco style radiator just won’t look the same against a background of old fashioned, beautiful wood trim.

Modern Style

Today’s newer homes are all about mixing functionality and efficiency with class. Modern radiators are available to match any style, and come in an assortment of shapes, sizes, and colours, in traditional or designer styles. A radiator can actually be an attractive feature in any room when chosen with a bit of forethought. It’s all in matching the theme.

Problem Solvers

If a homeowner is on a tight budget, then a cover may be an option for an old, unsightly radiator. Covers can be made to hide that metal beast in the corner, and can be painted to match the room. Customised covers can even double as furniture.

Add a towel rack to that radiator in the bathroom–it’s a great trick for adding some style and providing the family with warm, fluffy towels on a cold day. Many new styles for the bathroom already incorporate towel racks.

When in doubt, the homeowner might want to do a little research or hire an interior designer. Or he or she could simply consult the professional advice of a modern radiator manufacturer. AEL Heating Solutions can answer any questions, make knowledgeable recommendations, and offer solutions for just about any perplexing problem. Leaders in energy conservation since the ’70s, AEL Heating Solutions value quality, and unite it with efficiency and aesthetically pleasing shapes, designs, and colours, offering homeowners the right radiator for any room. They boast the largest stock of cast iron, steel, and aluminium radiators in the UK.

They can explain the different types of cast iron radiators and what style goes with what theme of room, of course. Choosing the right one can be a big decision, but it shouldn’t be difficult with their expert help. Besides offering helpful customer service and parts, accessories, and guards, they offer finely crafted radiators to fit any decor as well.

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