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Seed Paper – Giving Back To Mother Nature

Even though seed paper has been used in the United States since 1941, I personally have only just heard about it! After reading many articles online, I decided to make my own and spread the word about this amazing eco friendly paper. The amount of trees still been cut down to produce paper is astronomical, lord knows why companies don’t just swap to create handmade seed paper instead, leave mother nature alone and start giving back to her, us humans have taken enough from her over the last couple of centuries.


What is seed paper?

Exactly the same question I asked myself when talking about the subject of paper waste online with a few friends. After doing some research I realised seed paper had only just made it across the waters to Europe and is now used on the consumer market and events industries. Seed paper can be bought in many shapes and sizes, they also come as greetings cards and wedding invitations, to see some styles and what more seed paper has to offer, visit Bloomin, they have a wide variety available.

Seed paper is exactly what it says on the tin, it is handmade paper that has seeds in that you plant, which in turn sprouts into any wide variety of flowers depending upon the manufacturer the paper is 100% biodegradable and completely green, some seed papers even contain vegetable seeds which you can see here (In germination from the paper itself):


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Seed paper can serve more than one purpose…

As well as growing plants from the this fantastic product, it can also be used for it’s main purpose, paper! A lot of events companies have started using seed paper for events and invitations, this is just some of the things seed paper is used for:

  • Wedding invitations – Not only will you have a spectacular day at the wedding but you can also remember the special occasion by having some colourful flowers on your window right from the invitation itself.
  • Get well soon – Buying flowers and a card for someone is known internationally, do something different and brighten up the experience, give them something to do to keep their mind off the sickness.
  • Birthday card(s) – This one is a triple whammy, not only will you be providing them with a card, you will be saving the planet and they will also get an extra special gift once the flowers pop out.


We are wasters…

In the USA offices use 21.1 trillion sheets of paper per year, even to publish the new york times for the Sunday edition requires 75,000 trees alone! We are humans have got content and very lazy it seems. Seed paper does take a lot longer to produce and may cost a little more but the companies producing paper are in it for the profit margins and probably won’t budge until it is too late.

The amount of trees being cut down and the amount being replanted for the future are worlds apart in terms of figures. The lessening of paper usage was predicted back in 2013 due to the technological age, this did not happen, in fact it was quite the opposite and the figures have shot up in 2015!

Let that sink in…..

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