Do You Want to Cut Fuel Bills? Go For Electric Car

Are you planning to purchase certified pre-owned cars, as they are cheap? How will it be if a car offers monetary benefits on mileage too? Consider buying an electric car, which fulfills money saving objective.

What is Electric Car?

An electric car is a vehicle that runs with the help of electric motors. The power section of this car is equipped with motor controllers to control the amount of power required to attain a specific speed. The power is generated from a battery bank and it is transferred to the electrical motors for driving the vehicle.

Features of Electric Car

An electric car can cover a distance of 150 to 200 miles approximately, when the battery bank is fully charged. When the battery loses its strength, you can recharge the battery with charger.

Recharging can be done at homes. However, if you notice that you will be stuck on your way, you can power up your vehicle by taking it to a nearby charging station.

Recharging time varies depending upon the power delivered by socket in use. However, a recharge station has state of art infrastructure that helps to perform the task within an hour.

Electric Car is Eco Friendly in Nature

The best part of electric car is that it does not account for environmental pollution, as there is no emission of carbon dioxide. Therefore, by choosing electric car, you can eliminate the usage of fossil fuel and save substantial amount of money.

Electric Car is Efficient

Electric car uses concept of regenerative braking. It means that when you accelerate the car, significant portion of energy is used. After you apply brake, most of the energy is regained. This feature helps in raising the overall efficiency of the car.

Do Not Worry About Safety

Electric car meets the required safety standards. This kind of car is equipped with safety tools like safety glass, side impact bars, rear and front crumple zones and many more.

As this car is somewhat heavier than conventional vehicle, during the event of crash, passengers can succumb to lesser injuries. In addition, electric car deploys multiple safety layers that prevent the chances of receiving shock from the battery.

The battery bank is known as floating system because it is electrically isolated from the chassis. As for electrical system is concerned, this car is fitted with number of fuses, contactors and circuit breakers that prevent power surge if any fault occurs during the drive. Due to deployment of safety layers, this car can be used safely during rain.

Popularity of Electric Car

Electric cars rose to fame from 1900 to 1920. However, the popularity suffered a jolt during 1920 to 1980 as oil prices relatively became cheaper. Therefore, many people preferred to switch over to conventional cars in order to attain speedy transit.

However, oil prices became dearer after 1980, and that incident compelled people of the USA to switch over to eco friendly electric cars. According to a survey report, 2006 witnessed sale of 70000 units in the USA, which was 25% higher than 56000 units of previous two years.

Electric car is an eco friendly vehicle because it does not result in environmental pollution. It offers superb mileage over long run and eliminates the usage of gasoline. Therefore, you can save good amount of money. You can drive this vehicle safely as various safety tools are deployed in it.

Author Bio – Jim Turner is an automobile engineer. He offers consulting service to customers regarding certified pre-owned cars as well as electric cars, so that people can land up with right choice and enjoy driving flawlessly.

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