An Affordable Way to Create Extra Storage

Living in a small home or apartment can mean having to come up with creative ways of gaining more storage space. This is especially true in small bathrooms, which can feel cramped if you add bulky pieces of furniture. To help solve this problem, there is a great option that can add lots of storage areas to any room in your home, and it is even an affordable solution. This option is simple: a wooden ladder with wire baskets.


It Can Fit in the Smallest Spaces

Since it is an upright ladder, the amount of floor space it takes up is minimal. This makes it the perfect choice for bathrooms, where finding places to store towels can be a trial. With a ladder and a few wire baskets, you can turn any corner of your bathroom into the most convenient storage area in your home.

It is also a portable solution for storage space, which means that if you need to get it out of the way, you can just pick it up and move it.


Customizable and Flexible

The great thing about a simple space saver like this one is that you can make it fit any décor you want. You can easily paint the ladder and the wire baskets to fit your color scheme and you can even opt for fabric bottoms for the baskets to add a pop of color. Whatever style you are going for, this storage idea can make it possible.

You can also choose the type baskets you want to work as your storage spaces. There are rectangular baskets, oval baskets, two tier baskets, and all manner of basket sizes to consider. Whatever look you are going for, you can easily create it with this space saving idea.

It is also a very affordable option. Instead of buying large pieces of furniture that will run up a much higher bill, the ladder with wire baskets is a solution that everyone can afford. If one of the wire baskets breaks in the future, it is also a simple and cheap process to replace it.


Good for Everything

The wire baskets can hold anything you want, depending on the size you select. In a bathroom, the ladder and basket storage space can hold towels, toiletries like creams and toothbrushes, and you can even use it as a dirty clothes hamper. Some people keep tools in them, whether in the garage or around the house, and it can even serve as a great shoe storage option in a bedroom.


Easy to Clean

 Unlike other pieces of furniture meant for storage, the ladder and wire baskets are easy to clean. You do not have to worry about pulling drawers out or moving a heavy piece to vacuum behind it. At the most, you will have to remove the baskets to clean beneath them. The ladders are finished in a way that they do not splinter or stain, which means all you will be required to do is dust them every once in a while.



 Finding storage space in your home does not have to be costly or stressful. If you are tired of not having enough storage areas, then you have the chance of remedying that by using the ladder and wire baskets idea. It is a convenient way of de-cluttering your home without cramming a huge piece of furniture in the middle of your bathroom or bedroom. With their great rustic look and with all the convenience they provide, this storage solution is one that more and more people are embracing in their everyday lives.


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