The Green Way For Invitations

Many of us use invitations to invite friends and family to parties, weddings and other events. There is a much greener way to send out invites as opposed to using the normal paper / card method. As I am sat here typing this article more than 199 tonnes of paper has already been produced, you can imagine the amount of trees that is, to give you an idea, just to print one copy of the Sunday edition of the New York Times uses 75,000 trees. I was dumbfounded when I read those statistics!


The Use Of Seed Paper

Seed paper is a new “greener” way to send those invites out. This incredible paper can be planted in a plant pot once you are finished with it and it will grow into a beautiful plant you can put in your house or garden, here is an example of a fully grown plant from the seed paper:

It is unbelievable to think that these plants actually came from a piece of paper! The way I see it, using seed paper will do the job of inviting people to your event and also people will be left with a memory of it afterwards when the plant grows, giving back to mother nature.


Seed Paper Is Not Just Plain

I know what you are thinking, seed paper will just be plain with your writing on, well, you’re wrong! Seed paper comes in many shapes, sizes and designs, here is a few things that can be used for eco-friendly weddings:

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Here is the prime example of a seed paper card for a wedding, they may be a little more expensive but don’t forget, this is a paper that can do many things. For 50 of these cards you are looking at $75 which is $1.50 per card, you cannot put a price on saving the environment. There are literally thousands of designs to choose from when it comes to cards and some outlets allow you to create custom prints.


Green Wedding Favours

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Create a custom thank you message and place them into the wedding favours bag for your guests, what better way to say thank you than to give them their own personal message along with an environmentally friendly plant at the end of it, this is one way to keep the wedding printed in their minds when looking at the fully grown plant whether it be in the garden or the home.

There is also something called “Growfetti” which is confetti for the wedding that is thrown once the bride and groom leave the building they were married in, once thrown into the air the growfetti will get blown away via the the wind and eventually end up in the ground where the growing will take place and mother nature will do the rest.


Customise Your Own

Bloomin allow you to create your very own shapes, once such shape is the breast cancer ribbon which would be fantastic for fundraising and awareness.

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There are more than 100 shapes to choose from, you can even have the recycling sign, the dollar sign, an A+ sign and many more. The choices are literally endless!

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