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Accommodate All Your Office Needs with Sustainable Mobile Offices

Mobile offices have carved themselves a niche in the American markets for a long time now. However, off late these modern office solutions are gaining a lot of traction in the mainstream markets with more and more people and firms exploring the possibility of using mobile offices. And why not? The benefits of using mobile offices are numerous.

The sheer customizability of mobile offices is staggering. Adding, removing and rearranging modules as per your requirement and convenience means never having to worry about not having enough room to fit in everything you need in your office, and makes significant, and sometimes difficult, processes such as company expansion that much easier.

Apart from being a fast and flexible solution that’s easy to install or remove, and to top is all is a cheaper alternative as well, portable offices such as these are better for the environment as well. As we’ve evolved as a species and as a culture, sustainability and environment consciousness have come into the forefront of the United States’ public psyche. A pertinent and very current issue, making environmentally sustainable offices and homes is something everyone should look into. Especially considering the degree to which construction sites have been known to cause pollution. In fact, according to a study conducted by the United Nations Environment Program, the construction sector creates up to 30% of yearly greenhouse gas emissions worldwide, and also uses up close to 40% of all energy in terms of consumption.

Mobile offices – good for the Environment

  • Waste reduction. Packaging and transport material such as wooden boxes, cardboard cartons, plastic, shrink wrap and a lot more is one of the biggest factors for pollution on construction sites. The Waste & Resources Action Program reports that off-site manufacturing is capable of reducing waste by almost 90% because of the limited use of packaging materials in modular construction. Since mobile offices are pre-built at a plant and not on-site, this is never an issue, and the onus for disposal or recycling of these packaging material doesn’t fall on those who occupy the actual office site.
  • Green building products. While not all mobile office manufacturers do this, a majority of them do. Because eco-friendliness is one of the positive aspects of mobile homes, manufacturers tend to do as much as they can in this domain. Practices such as use of ozone friendly materials, little to no chlorofluorocarbon emissions, materials that are infused with modern technologies making them durable and maintenance free.
  • Air quality and emissions. Another advantage of building these modules inside a factory is that air quality measures can be put in place that capture harmful gases and contaminants, keeping the environment free from such emissions. According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the buildings in the United States account for 39% of total energy use, 12% of the total water consumption, 68 % of total electricity consumption and 38% of the carbon dioxide emissions.

Mobile offices also allow for cleaner air around the actual site. Since the amount of heavy equipment usage and actual construction is marginal, the carbon footprint created by the setting up of mobile offices is significantly lesser than that emitted through the actual construction of an equivalent office structure.

  • Sustainable deconstruction. Moving modular buildings is a fairly easy process. Since they’re brought in as a single piece, they can be removed in a similar manner, meaning no demolition and its associated pollution takes place. For instance, Mobile Modular uses 100% recyclable glueless carpet tiles made from post consumer materials. Since they are built using sustainable materials, they can either be relocated to a new owner easily, and recycling mobile offices is also possible. The materials obtained from a mobile office can be reused in a fresh manufacturing cycle or disposed of responsibly.

It is quite evident then that mobile offices are definitely a greener choice, and coupled with all the other advantages they bring to the fore, it shouldn’t come as any surprise that mobile offices are growing in popularity.

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  • Mobile offices are good if you are running a small organization but it has several disadvantages as employees need to track where is their office right now.According to income tax and other facilities,your office should be located at permanent location.

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