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Jul 10

Infographic: Natural Disasters – Can We Help?

It’s unfortunate how often we hear about the impact of natural disasters and the massive number of lives lost. People often feel helpless in the aftermath, and as death tolls rise, it is seen as something that we couldn’t do anything about. The millions of lives lost as a result of natural disasters is incredibly upsetting.

While deaths from natural disasters can’t be stopped, they can definitely be minimized. Education can play a key role here, and people need to be taught how to react to a natural disaster. This will help to reduce the death toll massively.

It is also vital that donations are distributed carefully after these disasters. It is important that when people donate, that they do not give their money to charities who put a lot of the contribution in to ‘admin’. All donations must be used to help the people in need.

This info-graphic from Mission Safety Services describes the worst natural disasters in history, outlines how we can minimize the impact, and  emphasises how the efficient use of all donations is imperative.

natural-disasters-can-we-help-infographic (1)

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