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Eco-Friendly Fishing Guide for Less Impact on Environment

We now live in a World where going green is becoming an important and major part of every global business on the planet, including the fishing industry. As the World begins its change to a more environmentally focused outlook, so do the fishing methods we use.

From the boats and Kayaks that are being used, the engines that are guzzling down fuel faster than they can be filled, and right through to the ways that we catch fish are all being addressed to make way for a cleaner, prosperous and greener future for the fishing market.

The big engines from the past, that required more and more fuel, and polluted the environment are going to stay in the past thanks to new initiatives to help power fishing boats with more environmentally friends engines. The initiative will take some time to roll-out worldwide but everyone concerned will only end up benefiting on what’s to come.

Let’s take a more detailed look in what we can expect to see.

Environmentally-Friendly Fishing Methods

New Engines will be EPA-certified, which means that boats across the World will start to become more environmentally friendly. Fuel consumption will be much lower in these new engines because they will burn around 40% less fuel and as much as 70% less oil.

How has this been achieved? Well just like the planet is changing to become more greener, technology is advancing into a new era, so these new engines are computer-controlled to maximise the reduction. Overall, some boats are looking to save 90% in exhaust emissions, and because the engines are much more lightweight, the boats will be able to get to destinations much more quickly…giving you additional time to cast out your line.

Survival of FishEscaping from Fish Gear

The second biggest change to the way we fish is by making use of more technology to help us catch fish, but also release smaller fish back into the sea.

You see, by using trawlers and nets, small fish are collected with the larger fish however these small fish are usually no good to fishermen so all they have are dead fish on their hands. New technology will allow fishermen to catch fish in the water, but thanks to tiny pockets the smaller fish can escape back into the sea giving them a chance to grow to adult size. This means fish population could boom, and the quality of the fish that’s caught will be much better.

Using the current net methods, fish will tend to cramp up together and get stressed out, this causes blood patches and bruises to the fish’s body and more often than not the price paid for them will be reduced because of their condition.  So this method is a win-win for all concerned, the fishermen catch better quality fish, meaning they can earn more, consumers get to eat better quality fish, and the environment and fish population also gets the green light.

The only drawback at the moment is that boats will require a permit to use this new type of technology, but using the pros of using the new technology from both a financial and greener outlook far outweighs the cons.

Sasha from Aquacadabra said “Animals receive a lot more publicity, however the number of fish in the sea is decreasing and the problem is fishing.”


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