Bicycles Can Save the Environment—a Buying Guide for Beginners

bicycles can save the environmentEnvironmentalists pushed the use of bicycles compared to other modes of transportation because it do not produce air pollution and harmful emissions, unlike motor vehicles that are responsible for 30 percent of carbon dioxide emissions and 80 percent of carbon monoxide emissions.

A bicycle can be an affordable outlet for recreation and a stress-free approach to running errands. Riding a bike is also a healthy form of exercise and an efficient way to preserve the environment.

If you are planning to buy bicycles online, give some thought to the kind of ride you want, your overall approach to cycling and your level of experience. It would be damaging to the environment if you buy a wrong bike and dispose it without using them.

The better you know your requirements, the easier it will be for you to select a bicycle that will fit your needs.

Types of Bike

  1. Road Bike – designed for smooth pavements, with “drop” handlebars and skinny tires, and used for on-road racing. This type of bike is usually lighter than other types.
  2. Mountain Bike – designed for off-road trails, with upright or flat handlebars and low gear range. Most mountain bikes have a suspension system.
  3. BMX Bike – popular among kids because of its small size. Also used by adults for stunt riding.
  4. Folding Bike – Ideal for those who travel with their bike because they can easily have it on a boat or plane, or those who live in a house with limited storage space.
  5. Recumbent Bike – designed with a backrest; available in 2-wheel or 3-wheel designs.
  6. Tandem Bike – built for two people and comes in all styles such as cruiser tandems and hybrid tandems.

Things to Consider

  1. Budget – Decide on how much you are willing to spend. It should depend on your purpose of buying the bike whether it is for commuting, racing or mountain biking. An entry-level adult bike is typically sold for $500 or less while an adult bike could be sold for well over $1000 for the high-end models. Additional costs may be incurred for extra gears that you want to buy.
  1. Type of Bike – Decide on the type of bike you need. Choose a road bike if you will ride on paved roads; a mountain bike if you will be riding off-road and on rough terrains; and a hybrid if you want the features of both a road bike and a mountain bike.
  1. Test Ride – If possible, test ride the bike before buying. Try several ones in your desired size and price range. Consider comfort, handling and fit.
  1. Materials – Consider the materials the bike is made of. Hybrid bikes are often made from aluminum or cromoly. Both materials make excellent bike frames because they are durable and light, making it eco-friendly.
  1. Suspension – Many hybrid bikes have suspension stems to avoid road vibrations. This is an excellent feature that makes the ride comfortable.
  1. Shop – Buy from a reputable bike shop. You will want a shop that offers good after-sales service. A shop with friendly and knowledgeable people is ideal.
  1. Upgrades – Consider your desired upgrades. You may want a different set of pedals, different sears or tires. The shop must be willing to swap items to make the bike perform more comfortably.

Cycling is great alternative to your cars. It saves you money and even contributes to a sustainable living. Choose your bikes properly. If you need to ask experts when buying one, then do it. Bikes are supposed help conserve nature, if you buy without thinking it properly, you’ll end up disposing it in the long run.

That would be ironic, isn’t it?

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  • A road bike is excellent for commuting, leisure biking as well as for keeping fit. But, be sure that you are comfortable with your bike . for new bike riders, it’s important to fit your
    body with your cycle like shifting your weight,buy suitable shoes etc.

    Thanks for the post.

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