Eco-Friendly Islands That You Must Visit In Your Lifetime

Galapagos Islands

The concept of “Living Green” or “Green Living” can be very overwhelming to some of us. There are many people who feel weak in their knees the moment someone discusses about sustainable living. However, in reality, coming to think of it, living green doesn’t require you to have a degree in environmentalism or organic farming. It doesn’t have to be complicated.

Being eco-friendly is just a way of living, a little different, but a compassionate way of living. The bottom line is that we have a responsibility towards Nature, and, therefore, we must all live as compassionate citizens belonging to Mother Nature. If we don’t take good care of our Mother Nature, who will?

This article will run through a couple of spectacular eco-friendly islands that cannot and should not be missed! Here we go.

Galapagos Island, Ecuador

Galapagos Island is situated in the Pacific Ocean and is approximately 1000 km from the South American continent. It is supposedly known to be one of the world’s foremost destinations for wildlife viewing. Galapagos Island, a collection of more than 100 islands is worth a visit. The geographic location of Galapagos Island makes it the richest marine ecosystem in the world as you see three ocean currents confluence with each other.

It is these unique processes along with the extreme isolation of the islands, which led to the development of animal life and exclusive plants. All these developments inspired Charles Darwin’s Theory of Evolution. If you are wishing to get involved in some community work at the Island, you can do so by partaking in environmental, agricultural and animal welfare relating projects.

Alcatraz Island, USA

Alcatraz Island is located in the chilly waters of Californian’s San Francisco Bay, which at once upon a time housed notorious prisoners for committing dangerous crimes. Alcatraz Island will amuse you with legendary stories of its then inmates. The way to reach this Island is through a Ferry ride. The ferry is the nation’s first hybrid ferry that uses solar, wind, grid electricity and diesel generators to produce power for the ferry ride. The only glitch is booking the tickets for the ride. The ferry rides usually sells out far in advance, at least three months in advance.

Therefore, it is highly advisable to explore Alcatraz vacation packages offered by private tour companies of the city. Most of the time, these private tour companies offer affordable Alcatraz tour prices, and involves excellent Alcatraz adventures. Don’t miss out on visiting this spectacular eco-friendly island when you are in San Francisco!

Tasmania, Australia

Tasmania lies in the southern part of the Australian continent. Tasmania is known as the world’s 26th largest island. This exclusive island offers magnificent natural beauty to its visitors. 37 per cent of Tasmania is reserved national parks and is also believed to be a site for World Heritage. You will find many threatened species cohabiting on the island, one of the rarest being Tasmanian devil. The island is a must visit for eco-friendly tourists who fancy being surrounded by lush green views along with dynamic wildlife. Tasmanian Island is a very enchanting island attracting thousands of eco-friendly tourists. It still has safeguarded its pristine beauty.

It’s imperative for us to behave as responsible travelers of the world. Considering travel to eco-friendly islands will help the local communities to grow and also encourage eco-friendly tourism.  Hopefully, the above mentioned eco-friendly islands will leave you wanting more.


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