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Jan 04

How to Easily Maintain Home Energy Savings

Studies show that American families spend an average of $2,000 a year on their home’s energy. Just think what else that sort of money could buy. What about an overseas holiday, an extravagant week of dining out, or a designer handbag? It’s true that energy bills are unavoidable, but they being so high isn’t necessary. This infographic below, originally published by Griffith Energy Services, outlines some of the easy ways you can slash your household’s power bills.

This infographic’s tips aren’t about making changes that cost a lot of money or make you uncomfortable in your home. Instead it provides practical solutions that can really make a difference without negatively impacting your lifestyle. Saving money and enjoying all the creature comforts you love? Yes, please! There are potential savings in every room of your house. Your heating and air conditioning units might be the biggest energy guzzlers, but don’t underestimate the energy you’re losing through leaky seals and appliances that aren’t EnergyStar efficient. You also probably don’t realize that simply closing doors could save you $50 a year, and using the microwave and not the stovetop to cook meals could net you another $40 in savings.

So browse through these tips and start putting them in an action today. The sooner you make the changes, the sooner you can start enjoying the savings. Studies show that an energy-efficient home can enjoy energy savings of between 20 and 30 percent. How much more money could these simple tips put in your pocket?

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