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Why You Need To Start Using Spring Water?

When it comes to drinking water, you need water that is healthy for your blood, bones, muscles, intracellular fluid and your body in general. What other water is better than the one located closest to your own eco-system? Here, you will learn why spring water is the best for you.

What is Spring Water?

Spring water is the water that emanates from an underground aquifer. When the underground aquifer becomes so saturated that it can’t hold any more water, the water bubbles out to the earth’s surface. The water gets filtered through rock as it finds its way up to the surface. As it flows through the rock – usually limestone – the water also picks up minerals and eventually reaches the surface as crystal-clear water.

You can then access the spring water through a well or directly from the spring’s opening. Likewise, you can either purify it or just use it in its natural form. There are Melbourne Water Supply companies that specialize in delivering spring water. You can search for Spring Water Melbourne for more insight.

Why Spring Water?

Spring Water is Free From Contaminants

The greatest advantage of spring water is that it doesn’t contain virtually all the contaminants found in tap water. Given that it is being collected directly from its underground source, spring water does not have the herbicides, pesticides, and pharmaceuticals, which are normally present in other water sources.

Spring Water is Healthy

It is common knowledge what takes place in water treatment systems. Used water is usually treated with enzymes and chemicals to break down the waste products. This water is then filtered before being reverted to the drinking water stream, apparently as clean, fresh water.

Spring water is sourced from clean, natural sources. It can even be bottled right at the source. It is free from chemical additives such as chlorine and fluoride. In its natural state, spring water is a good source of healthy minerals, which you cannot get from tap water. Mineral-rich water is normally slightly alkaline. This can help in neutralizing acidity in your body, ensuring your teeth and bones are not only strong, but healthy as well.

Spring Water Tastes Great

Spring water tastes better than tap water, which normally contains sanitation chemicals like chlorine. The chemicals are meant to kill any microorganisms lurking in the pipes. Tap water may also have fluoride. With these chemicals, tap water has some artificial taste, which many people find unpleasant.

Spring water has no added chemicals, and hence its taste remains as clean and revitalizing as it was at the origin. Cleaner tasting water means a refreshing flavour in your coffee, tea, or other drinks.


When it comes to having a refreshing drink, there is nothing as good as spring water. It offers you the sustenance necessary for a blissful and healthy life. You also get numerous benefits that you wouldn’t find in your ordinary public water.

Spring water emanates from pristine underground sources, and unlike tap water, it is not treated. Tap water is known to have plenty of chemical contaminants, like lead, nitrates, pesticides, and aluminium. Spring water is infused with natural minerals that it gathers as it flows through rocks to the earth’s surface. If you are looking for a Melbourne Water Supply company to bring you spring water, you need not search for Spring Water Melbourne; just get in touch with Water 2Go for bulk delivery of spring water throughout Melbourne.

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