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Jan 06

Going Green: How To Select The Best HVAC Company

Green: The color of a happy environment, more money in your pocket, and the universal sign that you are “good to go.” As far as we’re concerned, the greener, the better. Unfortunately, having an old or faulty HVAC unit can instead put you in the red, costing you more money and creating both a larger carbon footprint and a big headache as you try to stay comfortable during the warm summer months.

The truth of the matter is that during peak summer months in the U.S., air conditioning accounts for nearly half of the nation’s energy usage. What’s more, heating and cooling throughout the year accounts for about 48% of the energy used by American homes. That means that choosing a top-notch green HVAC company can help you decrease your energy bills, carbon footprint, and the time and energy you spend trying to cool or heat your home.

We’ll help you get back into the green by offering helpful tips and ideas to make your home more environmentally (and budget) friendly. The following infographic was first syndicated by Ambient Edge and helps guide you towards finding the best green HVAC company. It offers a run-down on just what exactly those energy-efficiency ratings mean for you and your personal household while also helping you navigate how to select the most efficient unit for your needs. It also provides criteria that you should consider when choosing a contractor, such as Manual J calculations, ductwork, comprehensive maintenance plans, and other services that can help support ongoing energy savings and a greener home.

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