Essay: Greening the Environment

Greening The Environment

Green landscape is a very important part of the picturesque environment. Why is greening important for the urban areas? How does it influence our mind and health? It does not worth mentioning that it is possible to improve the general view of a small town and a big city with the help of the properly arranged trees, bushes, flowers and various compositions made of different kinds of plants. It is reasonable to create sophisticated parks and alleys, which can fulfil numerous functions. Greenery improves the quality of air and soil and makes our streets look better. Furthermore, it improves our mood and fills us with positive emotions. In my opinion, the problem of greening is very relevant regarding such universal problems as pollution and deforestation. Greening has become an integral part of the urban design; therefore, it is useful to get to know about this issue more.

Greening is a complicated process, because it requires time and scrupulous planning. You cannot plant any kinds of trees randomly. It is important to choose the right place and time if you want to improve the urban area with the help of trees and flowers. There are many kinds of plants, which cannot grow and flourish in the definite climatic conditions. Some trees and flowers require colder and softer weather patterns; therefore, you will not use them for the design of the streets of Miami. At the same time, it will be unwise to use palms for the decoration of the landscape of the northern areas of Canada or Norway. Consequently, every plant requires the definite average temperature, quantity of sunshine and humidity. Every designer should know about such slight details before making his decision about the choice of the plants for his project related with greening.

Let us speak about the benefits of greening. I would like to focus on the aesthetic value of plants. It is better to fill the empty space between the huge buildings with the help of trees and bushes in order to separate them visually. Moreover, one can make interesting corridors and alleys, which can look better than a simple grey pavement. Then, greenery provides our cities with color. It is smart to plant different kinds of colorful flowers, which will please our eye in summer. Everybody knows that green color reduces stress and fills people with positive emotions. I guess it is very important for the people who live in a big and dynamic stressful city. Furthermore, greenery provides people with the sense of seasonal change. The leaves are green in summer, but they become yellow, red and brown in autumn. In my opinion, the value of this effect cannot be overestimated. People enjoy spending time outdoors in order to look at the huge variety of colors in the parks and avenues. Consequently, the city looks attractive in any season. Finally, it is useful to vary the landscape along highways with trees and bushes in order to defeat its visual monotony. When the way is monotonous, it affects the driver’s mind negatively. He can fall asleep and cause an accident. To my mind, greenery can improve traffic safety.

The second solid benefit of greenery is the improvement of the ecological condition. Firstly, trees can make natural shades improving the microclimate of a big city. When it is hot, you will feel better under a tree, because it absorbs temperature and releases the proper quantity of humidity. Then, vegetation is able to prevent pollution and reduce the quantity of dust in the air. Everybody knows that plants produce oxygen and reduce the quantity of carbon dioxide. This factor is very important, because a big city contains factories, plants, power stations and thousands of automobiles, which release a great number of pollutants into the air. Finally, trees and bushes are the homes of various species of insects and birds, which also improve the landscape of a big city.

In conclusion, greening is very important for the condition and wellbeing of every human settlement. Vegetation is not just a source of fresh air but also a great tool of every urban designer, who wants to improve the view of a big city.

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