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Everything You Need To Know About New Solar Panel Batteries

Solar power is a great way to harness the earth’s energy for our own homes. However, the only downside is we are only able to use the power as it is being generated. This means our nighttime power is not provided by our solar panels but is received the standard way, through the national grid.

Thanks to recent developments, though, this is all about to change. New state-of-the-art batteries can connect to solar batteries and save up energy to use when there is no sun. Therefore, all this free energy from the sun can still be used during the night. Thousands of people have been buying these miracle batteries – should you be thinking about it? Here are five key facts to know before you commit.

solar panel batteries


  • Your energy bills will be greatly reduced

Thousands of homes up and down the country already reap the money benefits of a solar powered home. But they could be saving so much more money by installing these batteries. Saving up all your solar power to use over night can reduce your energy bills by up to sixty percent. Even though each device costs around £2,500, you will find you quickly make this back in reduced bills.

  • They are easy to install

The devices are about the same size as a household dishwasher, so they will easily fit into a kitchen or utility room. If you don’t already have a solar power equipped home but are thinking about installing it, talk to the company you’re buying your panels from. They may be able to install one of these batteries as well. Don’t forget, a device can also be hooked up to Solar Thermal Kits.

  • They can think for themselves

As long as the sun is shining and solar power is being emitted by them, the devices are storing up the energy. The boxes also detect whenever solar power stops flowing into them. As soon as they notice this, they begin to discharge the energy as power into your home. This means your house is being continually powered by solar energy. Either by the solar panels during sunny periods or by the batteries when no solar power is being generated. As a result, your home rarely connects to the national grid.

solar panel batteries


  • You will still be reliant on the national grid

This may all seem like a dream come true so far. But, it is important to remember that you will still rely on the national grid for your power. Just because the devices are not strong enough to power all your high energy appliances and electronics on their own. As soon as you were to turn on something high-powered, such as a hot tub or power shower, the devices would be unable to cope. It will have to have some help from standard power supplies.

Hopefully, this article has given you a bit more information about new solar panel batteries. Even though they may appear to be a game-changing energy efficient appliance, make sure you consider all the facts before you decide to buy.

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