The Lowdown on 5 Best Water Filters

best water filtersThe need for a home or office water filters has been an age old debate, with some people deciding to leave the fate if their drinking water on the hands of the government, while others claiming that water filters are nothing more than lifestyle products that are being marketed as a necessity. The problem is that researching for a definitive answer on the internet is only bound to confuse you further, especially with the mixed response and sheer choice of water filters in the market. The fact of the matter is that most municipalities purify their water using chlorine, which is just glorified bleach. And although it is meant to keep the water potable, chlorine has its own set of risks, and has even been linked to a variety of cancer. And while municipalities contemplate on alternative means of water purification, those drinking tap water are continuously exposing themselves to chlorinated water.

Untreated water can contain dirt, unnecessary minerals, and a wide range of impurities that can make it a lethal concoction. And while these contaminants make water taste and smell bad, they can also endanger your personal health. Using a water filter can avoid the complications that arise from drinking contaminated water. Water filters perform the following essential tasks:

  • Removal of Pesticides and Chemicals
  • Removal of Toxic Lead
  • Lowering of Chlorine levels


Now, let’s take a look at some of the 5 best water filters from water purification experts, Berkey:


  1. Travel Berkey

As the name suggests, the Travel Berkey water filter is the company’s first filter to be built for mobility. It is the ideal filter that caters to small groups or medium sized families of up to 5 people. The Travel Berkey is one of the most popular sizes of water filters, and can be routinely seen at camping sites or other off-site events. It’s compact and robust design makes it the ideal travel partner, or in places where space is at a premium. And although the Travel is nearly 25% smaller than the standard Berkey water filter, it delivers nearly 3 gallons pure water every hour. Also, the fact that it contains the same purification systems as its larger variants, the Travel Berkey is a smaller device that provides the same purification capabilities.


  • Compact size
  • Robust design


  • Not suitable for large groups
  • Not as durable as other variants


  1. Berkey Light

The Berkey Light is another smart innovation from the house of Berkey, designed specifically as a no-frills economical water purifier. Don’t let the term “light” fool you as this versatile water filter can be used in almost any environment. It’s plastic design ensureS that it is easy on the pocket and lighter to carry. The highlight of the Light is that its two Black Berkey filters can churn out over 6,000 gallons of potable drinking water. Weighing in at just under 7 pounds and with a storage capacity of 2.5 gallons, the Berkey Light can provide drinking water for groups of up to 20 people. And at a cost of roughly 2 cents a gallon, the Light is the ideal filter for the budget conscious or emergency use. Also, the Berkey Light can be used anywhere and at any time since it doesn’t require electricity or water pressure to function.


  • Microfiltration system filters nearly 99.99% of bacteria
  • Budget friendly


  • Plastic body not durable as steel
  • Unaesthetic


  1. Big Berkey

The Big Berkey is Berkey’s signature model, as well as their first water filter design. This model has gone through numerous redesigns over its life in order to provide a great water purification experience. The Big Berkey is the ideal product for home use or large gatherings, providing 2.25 gallons of potable drinking water to up to 16 people. The Big Berkey was designed specifically to meet the needs of the average American family. The highlight of the Big Berkey is that it is big enough to cater to a large crowd, while still being compact enough to place almost anywhere. The Big Berkey is of a very robust design, and comes in an easy in an easy to set up package.


  • Ideal for the average family
  • Proven design


  • Not suited for individual use
  • Not as portable as other designs


  1. Royal Berkey

The Royal Berkey water filter, is a size bigger than the Big Berkey, and is the ideal solution for large offices, or individuals who use purified water for anything from drinking to washing their pets. The Royal is the result of years of customer feedback and realizing that buying multiple water filters was the only solution for customers with large purified drinking water demands. Even some regular-sized families can have high demand for purified water, especially if they lead active lifestyles or use it for cooking and cleaning.

The Royal Berkey water’s unique design allows it to hold an impressive 3 gallons of purified water. Another useful feature is that the Royal’s unique design allows users to store the upper part of the container in the lower storage compartment, offering a certain level of portability for this large device, making it compact enough to offer some portability.


  • Large storage capacity
  • Can be dismantled for easy storage


  • Bulky design
  • Not suitable for individual use


  1. Imperial Berkey

The Imperial Berkey is another step above the Royal, and was designed to meet the demands of large groups or public gatherings. The Imperial has completely removed the need for multiple, smaller water filters. Its large capacity and highly polished SS steel finish make it a very attractive package. Also, the Imperial can hold an impressive 4.5 gallons of purified water, solving the need for purified water during large gatherings or emergencies. The massive Imperial Berkey water filter system comes equipped with 2 comprehensive filters, along with an easy to assemble design.


  • Ideal for large families or gatherings
  • All-in-one water purification solution


  • Not portable
  • Most expensive model among Berkey filters
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  • I’ve been using an Imperial Berkey for years and love it. At the time I bought it, we were a family of 7 (kids have been leaving the nest). Perfect size for our family. Our city fluoridates the water, so we added the optional fluoride/arsenic filters.

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