Take a Risk to Improve Your Recycling

In our day to day life we use multiple products which are non-degradable. Non-degradable products means which cannot be degraded or broken down by mother earth. Non degradable pollutants are mostly heavy metals, plastics, some hazardous chemicals etc.

Considering the increasing environmental pollution in recent years, we can help to reduce environmental pollution by reducing production / manufacturing of non-degradable products. As we know as population increases demand for these products also increases.

Say no to Plastic Bag!

Plastic bags take 1000 years to decompose which cause the environmental pollution, also it kills animal who swallow it. Current shopping behaviour of people includes high use of plastic bags. It is also one the major reasons to block city drainage system.

We can change that by using bags of cloths or reusable bags. We can also ask local retailers to use thicker plastic bags so that it can be reused.




Use Less Paper! Go digital!

It takes 24 trees to make 1 ton of paper. Recycled paper creates 73% less air pollution than if it is made from wood.

We can reduce business cost by using recycled paper for office work. Also we should use both sides of paper for printing. Keep printers away from office desks so that usage can be minimized (we are lazy too!). Create awareness among your employees about importance of saving papers.

Use recycled glass

improve your recyclingNew glass is made from silica, soda ash, lime and other additives as per requirement for hardness, colour etc. Although there is shortage for these types of raw materials but it creates major environmental impact. Years of environmental monitoring data showing us that there is increase in pollution levels in air, hence global warming effect.

We can keep separate glass waste from other waste so that we can give it to local recycle company. There are numerous ideas on how we can reuse glass bottles on internet. We can create walls, lamps, decoration purpose, plants, candles, vase etc.

Use rechargeable batteries

If you are using non rechargeable batteries then you are helping to increase environmental pollution. As rechargeable batteries cannot be charged it creates waste.

From now on, we can use rechargeable batteries, to reduce manufacturing of non-rechargeable batteries. There are many firms which recycle the non-rechargeable batteries. You just have to send box filled with batteries to them.

Recycle water!! Yes you heard it

Yes we use water every day and unfortunately major part is not for drinking but washing. It takes much effort to make water drinkable from normal water.

We can recycle water by reusing water used for washing vegetables, extra water in cooking for plants. We can harvest rainwater by installing rainwater harvesting system. Also we can install small sewage water treatment plant which cleans water from bathroom and toilet and same can be used for floor cleaning, gardening etc. So that we can reduce strain on drinking water.

Recycle your Mobile

Right now in major cities of the world every person needs electronic devices to stay ahead of career competition. But what we do to our old TVs, mobiles or laptops when we buy new stuff? There is environmental impact in manufacturing electronic devices as they use metals, plastics etc.

We can give our old electronic device to local e-waste companies which can segregate metals from the electronics and provide that material to mobile manufacturing companies. Which reduces pollution to create new raw material.

Also we can sell our old working mobiles, TVs or laptops to those who need it from companies like olx, quickr etc.

Good things about recycling:

  • Saves energy for manufacturing new raw materials
  • Boost economy
  • Reduces waste
  • Good and healthy environment
  • Protects forests and animals
  • Less dumping grounds

Keep calm and Recycle!! Save Mother earth!

This article is written by Perfect Pollucon Services. They are environmental Consultant in India. They offer environmental Monitoring consulting services to their clients.

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