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Making A Green Home Greener

green homeWhen the 2008 recession hit, it hit hard and affected just about everyone. We saw the housing bubble burst, stocks went down and many people lost their jobs. Eight years later, it is safe to say we have collectively recovered from that economic downturn and we are prospering once again. With that in mind, the housing market is back, confidence is up and ‘green’ home trends continue to rise! An increasing amount of homeowners and prospective buyers have turned their attention to eco-friendly homes that provide them with energy-efficient savings that are not only financially beneficial but promote environmental sustainability.

Whether that’s taking on home improvement projects or building green modular homes, one thing is for sure, going green isn’t a trend, it’s the new standard. Homeowners are more dynamic than ever and energy efficiency weighs heavily on their decisions when renovating, buying or building. So what type of energy-efficient enhancements are they looking to make their green homes greener?


Solar Panels

The interest in solar energy is constantly on the rise as it provides us with an infinitely renewable source of power and homeowners are taking great notice. Household solar panel systems are landing on the roofs of homes all across the country as the technology is finally becoming more affordable to the average homeowner. The lowered cost is due in part of increased competition between solar companies and the numerous state and federal tax incentives that drive down the prices. At any rate, solar panel systems significantly save money on energy costs as homeowners can generate their own power to offset the need from their utility provider.


LED Lighting

Remember when CFL bulbs were the hottest green innovation that took households by storm over a decade ago? Well, they’ve lost their fizzle because LED bulbs are more energy efficient and the go-to lighting choice. LED bulbs can be used for dimming applications whereas CFL bulbs cannot and LED bulbs immediately illuminate when switched on, while CFL bulbs need time to warm up to emit full brightness. On top of that, LED bulbs can last up to five times longer than a CFL, making them the economical lighting option.


Low-E Windows

Double-pane and triple-pane windows are a thing of the past when it comes to new homes and improvement projects because energy-efficient Low-E windows are here to stay. Low-E windows contain special UV coatings that help block thermal heat transference from the sun from entering the interior of a home. These windows significantly cut down on energy costs because they enhance the comfort of a room by reducing the amount of heat that can be emitted through the glass.


Energy Efficient Appliances

A green home cannot be truly considered a green home unless each and every appliance in the house is energy efficient or dubs the Energy Star label. When it comes to Energy Star, the appliances or products are at least 15% more energy efficient than their traditional counterparts but many often exceed that minimum standard which results in monumental energy savings for the homeowner. From the kitchen appliances to the HVAC system, the green home can really save energy when the right appliances and systems are put into place.

With that being said, going green is no longer a trend, it’s becoming the American standard in home building and improvement projects.

Clay Miller
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  • Hi Clay,
    Thank you for this article. Yes going green is really becoming the norm these days. Hopefully it would also create more “greener occupations”.

    Anyway I would just like to ask you what are the best “greener occupation” that would fit the skills of electricians, plumbers, and welders. This is something I would like to share to my readers, and I would love to get feedback from experts like you.

    Keep Up The Great Work!



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