Add Water Accents to Your Backyard Landscape

water accents - backyard waterfallIf you wish to create a soothing backyard oasis, there is no better way than with water features. There are a wide array of options, including cascading waterfalls on flat rocks, or the bubbling fountain accent that doubles as a bird bath. However, if you are looking for a bit more style or uniqueness there are other options you can consider. In fact, you should let your creativity take the reins and you can easily create a water feature for your backyard that will be relaxing, unique, and the talk of the neighborhood.

Use the following ideas to implement your own unique water features in your backyard. You may even consider having your deck builders in Leesburg VA integrating a water feature into your deck design.

Floating Style Fountains

If you have any existing water in your backyard, such as a swimming pool or pond, you can enhance the space with a floating fountain. This will add a new dimension to your otherwise flat pond or pool. These fountains are available in a wide array of sizes and spray types. You can choose a huge stream or light sprinkling features. There are several options for power sources as well. The most popular option is electrical power cords that are in a fixed position, however new fountains have been released that are powered by solar power or battery.

Vertical or Wall Waterfalls

If you have limited space in your backyard, this may be the perfect option for you. This will function just like traditional waterfall fountains do, where a pump will carry the water to the top of the waterfall and then gravity will bring it back down. One of the appealing factors of this type of waterfall is the fact that this waterfall can fit into spaces that are less than one foot deep. Many homeowners choose these to cover ugly walls or unsightly buildings.

Bubbling Columns

This is another appealing option for any backyard with limited space. You can purchase these versions in natural stone, or in a fiberglass shell, depending on your needs. These fountains feature a pump and motor that will drive the water up the column and then it will bubble out of the pre-drilled holes in the column.

The waterfall options you can implement into your backyard landscape are endless. If you are a bit of a do-it-yourselfer you can easily create your own unique waterfall that is customized to your space and style. Additionally, you can pick the source of power that you wish your fountain to have, electric, solar, or battery are the most popular options. More information and help with this can be provided by Grow Landscapes.

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