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3 Green Remedies For The Best Psoriasis Treatment

psorasis treatment - aloe vera

Psoriasis is a recurring disorder which begins deep inside the immune system, before it surfaces as red, flaky patches on the skin. It is caused by the T-cells which are originally a type of white blood cell meant to protect the body from infection and disease. But, when they mistakenly become active, they set off other immune responses leading to the symptoms of psoriasis.

Unfortunately, there is still no cure for this chronic disorder, but topical and systematic home treatments such as given below can help ease the symptoms of the skin condition.


Apple Cider Vinegar

For over centuries, apple cider vinegar has helped people treat skin conditions because of its acidic nature, if used in a topical form. This acidic nature gives it the ability to act as anti-fungal, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory agent. But, when it is consumed it has an alkaline effect on the body. Thus, helping to raise the pH levels in the body to make it healthy by simultaneously detoxifying it too.

Apply it directly on the affected skin with the help of a cotton ball. If it causes a burning  sensation, make sure to dilute it in 1:1 ratio with water and for consuming it directly, always dilute it.



Turmeric is a commonly used spice in Asian countries. There, in Chinese and Indian medicine system it has been traditionally used as a herb for ages to cure a variety of diseases. And, today it is said to be more than effective to treat psoriasis because of the active ingredient, curcumin present in it. Experimental studies have shown that curcumin inhibits the properties of a protein involved in cell proliferation, which helps to prevent the growth of infected skin cells on a molecular level and reduce the inflammation.

The best way to add turmeric to your diet plan is by adding it to your meals daily. Alternatively, you can also make a paste of turmeric powder by adding a few drops of water to it. And, apply it on the psoriasis lesions or make a drink of the turmeric powder and warm milk.


Aloe Vera

Aloe vera is said to be a silent healer that mother nature has bestowed on us. The gel found in the leaf has extraordinary healing properties to help people suffering from sore throat to cancer.  Therefore, it is no different for when it comes to psoriasis treatment. Since ancient times, it has used it to detoxify the body both internally and externally. Drinking aloe vera juice significantly improves the digestive functions by flushing out the unwanted toxins out of your body. And, applying it on the affected skin reduces the rashes and scaling, giving a nice cooling sensation to itchy skin.

Therefore, consider growing it at your home, to directly apply the gel from the plant leaf onto the skin, 2-3 times a day. Or, get a pure aloe vera gel or juice from the drug store.

With time, this chronic disease only gets worse and unbearable without proper care. Therefore, follow the  natural psoriasis treatment given above to reduce the symptoms as soon as they surface. Also, never forget to keep your skin moisturized and if the condition still persists do not neglect it, consult a doctor immediately.


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