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7 Eco-Friendly Ways To Stay Warm And Toasty This Winter

The freezing winter is here once again, and unfortunately, this means that most of us will have to turn on our heating appliances double time, at the expense of both the environment and the household budget. Making sure that you invest in an energy efficient electric heater is the first step to an eco-friendly winter. For those who are eager to alleviate their impact on the environment, there are some simple solutions to keeping warm in the chilly months whilst reducing your carbon footprint and electricity bills.

Follow these 7 Eco-Friendly Ways To Stay Warm And Toasty This Winter and you will have a comfortable, environmentally friendly winter for years to come!


  1. Change The Direction Of Your Ceiling Fan

This may seem an absurd tip, and you may be wondering who would be crazy enough to turn a fan on during winter! Surprisingly and not known fact to many, ceiling fans can actually aid in distributing warm air that tends to rise to the ceiling. In the colder months, you will want your ceiling fan to rotate clockwise or in a forward direction. This helps to move the warm air that gets trapped around your ceiling to the rest of your home. This tip is especially helpful for those who have high ceilings in their homes where heated air rises and gets trapped.


  1. Install A Programmable Thermostat

A simple way to save money and energy is to turn your thermostat down by a few degrees when you are not at home, or when you are wrapped up in blankets and asleep at night. Now, not many of us are going to remember to do this every single morning as we leave the house, and especially not when you are sleepy at night and just want to hit the hay. This is where a programmable thermostat comes to play. Programmable thermostats can be set to lower the heat during the times you are away from your home or after a certain time at night when everyone is sound asleep. This is a hassle free, cost effective and much more eco friendly way to keep your home warm without having to have the heating up on high all day.


  1. Keep Your Windows Covered

One of the best ways to keep your home warmer is to make sure that you have curtains or shades attached to your windows. Curtains made of thick and robust materials such as Velvet or Flannel help to keep the cold out of your home. Good insulation prevents heat from escaping through the windows, and also prevents cold air from entering your home.


  1. Close The Damper In Your Fireplace

Keeping the damper in your fireplace closed when it is not in use is very important as it can increase the energy needed to heat your home by up to 30% if left open. It is also important to ensure that your damper is sealed correctly as a poorly sealed damper can leak up to 15% of the warm air in your home.


  1. Change The Filter In Your Heater

As filters can get dirty very quickly, it is crucial to change the filter in your heating unit every few months (or as often as needed based on the type of filter you are using). Changing the filter in your heating unit helps it run more efficiently, saving a good amount of energy and money on your heating bills. A good way to remind yourself to change your filter would be to jot down on paper the last time it was changed and stick it on your refrigerator, so that you and your family are always reminded when it is time for a filter change.


  1. Add Some Rugs To Your Home

As beautiful and lovely as wooden flooring is, did you know that it can make your rooms feel extra icy in the winter months? Buy some thick and good quality rugs for the rooms in your home that you use the most and they will always keep your feet toasty and warm! Another great option would be to use winter socks at home, as they will keep you feeling warm regardless of which room you are in. Rugs and Socks are inexpensive, eco friendly ways of avoiding the chill.


  1. Stock Up On Hot Water Bottles

Hot Water Bottles are not just for grandmas or the ill, they are one of the best ways to keep warm in the winter time, and they cost barely anything. All you have to do is lay one over your feet, your tummy or your head and you will feel nice and cozy in no time. Always be careful to follow necessary precautions to prevent burns or injuries.


Keeping warm this winter doesn’t have to break your budget or environment  as long as you follow these eco-friendly tips to stay warm and toasty this season. These ingenious ways of keeping warm will help you handle those freezing days and nights like a champion!

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