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Why Companies Should Buy Used Office Furniture as Opposed to New

office furnitureYou are standing in the store, pondering whether or not to pick up that shiny executive office chair to add to your business. Congratulations – you are halfway there. But before you make that decision, allow me to make a suggestion. When it comes to purchasing office furniture, chances are you are working on a budget. One great way to get the best bang for your buck is to go for refurbished, secondhand equipment as opposed to new ones. But enough blubbering: here are the main reasons companies should buy used office furniture over new ones.



It doesn’t matter if your business is small or large, simple or prestigious – office furniture is a must. The quandary is that most new office furniture tends to be very costly and can have a significant impact on your budget. It is more sensible to go for a used piece of furniture, which can give you the same value for a friendlier price. Fortunately or unfortunately, the number of businesses going under continues to increase at a remarkable pace, leaving a huge supply of used furniture on the market. One company’s loss in today’s market can be your gain!


Saving the Environment

What do you think happens to the secondhand office furniture after being disposed of by the owner? Most of them are thrown into waste, which can take several years to break down. Case in point: high-end hardwood chairs and desks designed from precious woods are often disposed to a city dump when they don’t have any more use. Due to modern society’s tight budgets, most companies are opting to sell their “spare” furniture after layoffs instead of getting rid of them. You can go for this used furniture and save both the material and energy costs while helping the planet at the same time.



As said earlier, there is a constant supply of used office furniture in the market as a result of many companies going out of business. You can easily find these in sales and auctions, where there is usually a great selection of quality secondhand furniture. The best part is that you can end up with a quality piece that would have otherwise been out of your reach.


How to Buy Used Office Furniture

There are several things you should keep in mind when looking for secondhand office furniture, including cost, comfort, and size. These factors can help a business decide on the best-used furniture to buy, depending on your particular needs.


Ergonomics will play a major role in deciding on the best office equipment. While many businesses concentrate on ergonomic keyboards, you need to keep in mind that posture will influence comfort in conducting day-to-day activities in the office.


The furniture you choose will depend largely on its size and available space. For instance, leather track chairs or smaller operators will fit well in a small office as opposed to a bigger executive chair. Evaluate how much space you have before deciding on a used piece of furniture.


Office furniture quality varies from one piece to the next. Be sure to check if everything is working properly, especially the height adjuster. Don’t shy away from asking the seller questions associated with the item in terms of quality and period of usage. Inspect the furniture for any damages.

Comfort Level

No matter which type or style you go for, comfort will ultimately take precedence in its longevity in your office. For instance, when shopping for a chair, ensure that it provides the level of comfort your users expect, or else it can lead to other complications, most notably back pain. An uncomfortable chair can also lead to a decrease in office productivity.


Of course, you’ll have to consider how heavy your pocket is before you make the final decision. Many people tend to shop for office equipment with a particular budget in mind. Chances are price will determine which features your office furniture comes with. For example, executive chairs are usually more expensive than other types of office chairs. If you are not looking for something fancy, go for an operator’s chair, which is less costly and can fit most of the requirements you need.


Bottom line

While budget is the most common reason most businesses choose used furniture over new ones, there are several other great reasons for making this decision, including eco-consciousness and style. So when you are ready to pad the hoof for some extra furniture for your office, be sure to compare the prices of both new and used pieces. The discrepancy will surprise you!


Article contributed by Adam Robertson of Allard Office Furniture

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