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Which is a Better Choice – Electric Boiler or Gas Boiler?

If you are building a new home, you will need to decide what type of boiler you are going to install. The same is true if your existing boiler has broken down, and you need to replace it. The two options that you have available to you are gas boilers and electric boilers in UK. Of the two options, you should understand that neither is better than the other. They do, however, each have their own benefits. Head over to this website to learn more and determine which one suits your needs properly.

Cost-Installation and Monthly Bills

When it comes to the cost of installation, it is cheaper to install an electric boiler rather than a gas boiler. When it comes to monthly bills, however, it is cheaper to run a gas boiler rather than an electric one. It can be difficult to create a monthly budget when you have a gas boiler because the price of gas is not consistent. Since the price is always going up and down, you never know what you are going to spend.

Fuel Availability

If you are living in a rural area, you may not be able to use a gas boiler. If there are no gas lines running to your home, it could be very expensive to get hooked up to the local gas supply. If you don’t have the money to do this, you may need to go with an electric boiler. Regardless of where you live, electricity is likely going to be available.

If Space is a Concern

If you don’t have much space in your home to fit your boiler, you may not be able to use a gas boiler. This type of boiler takes up a relatively large amount of space and come in one basic size. An electric boiler is smaller. If you are very limited with space, you can purchase a tankless electric boiler, which is the smallest size available. It will work in even the smallest homes.


If you are going to have a gas boiler installed, you will need to install a flue so that you can vent the exhaust outside the home. To install a gas boiler, you will need to make changes in the structure of your home to install the flue. This will make the installation take longer and it will be more expensive than if you went with an electric boiler.

Environmentally Friendly

Most people believe that an electric boiler is more environmentally friendly than its gas counterpart. This is not true. Natural gas is the cleanest type of fossil fuel available. In order for an electric boiler to function, it would need to get its energy from a power plant. The fuel used by power plants is usually dirtier than the fossil fuels needed to power a gas boiler.

Everyday Performance

When it comes to everyday performance, both types of boilers will function well. There is, however, a difference between the two. If you are using an electric boiler, your water will heat up must faster than if you are using a gas boiler.

When it comes to choosing between a gas boiler and an electric boiler, it can be a difficult decision. That is because each type of boiler has its own benefits, therefore, it is difficult to choose between the two. To make the final decision, you should think about what you expect from your boiler, how much money you can afford for installation and monthly bills, and how much space you have in your home for your boiler. When you consider your specific needs, you will be able to make a more informed decision.

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