How to Make a Small Bathroom Look Bigger by Adding Eco Solutions

bamboo-small bathroomHaving a small bathroom can be quite a nuisance. Besides the fact that it is very constricted and it doesn’t allow you to move freely, it can pose a really big problem when it comes to interior design.
When you bought, constructed or decorated your bathroom for the first time, you probably had some vision as to how it should look like. If you are dealing with a small space, you probably realize that most of these things will be hard to pull off. One of the toughest tasks is to make a small bathroom look bigger than it actually is.
Luckily there are a lot of things which can be done in order to reach your goal. Regardless of your situation, you will have to come to terms that you bathroom is small. Nevertheless, you are able to do wonders with it and make it appear much more spacious that it actually is and all the while, you are able to remain eco-friendly.

1. Make people change their focus
One of the least attractive human qualities is judging others and their way of living. Because of this, most of your house guests will look at your bathroom and make conclusions based on its appearance. Worse of all; they will connect your bathroom to you, making it look as if you are filthy, disorganized etc. You are the one that knows the best how hard it is to manage a small bathroom. First trick which you can use to your advantage is to make people change their focus by averting their attention to one particular item. Here, you are able to use plants. Besides the fact that they are attracting attention, they have some other qualities as well. Plants are refreshing the room and constantly refining the oxygen. Also, you can use them to cover certain areas which you wouldn’t like to present to your visitors (if you use the proper plant). Now, you might argue that plants are not the best solution as they increase the necessary space. However, it is all about perception. If people focus on them, they are less likely to focus on the lack of space.

2. Add windows
In certain parts of the world, this is a normal thing. However, when it comes to US, there are a lot of families that do not have a window in their bathroom. Natural light is a very important thing when it comes to making your bathroom appear bigger. It is well known that lighter rooms look much more spacious than the darker ones. This is one of the oldest tricks in the book. However, this is not the only benefit which you get. After a long shower, your bathroom will be full of steam. As you well know, any kind of humidity is a breeding ground for mold and microorganisms. Given that bathroom is space where you need to perform all your hygienic duties, this can be disastrous for your health. By opening a window, you are able to ventilate the room and bring some light into it.

3. Use wood for lining up the walls
Here is another solution which protects your health and helps your bathroom look bigger. Similarly to windows, this is a tradition which is not accepted everywhere in the world. Some may argue that using wood is not a particularly eco-friendly. This is where people are wrong. Factories that are making cement, bricks and other popular construction materials use much more natural resources than the factories that are manufacturing wood for construction. In fact, it is much better if you are able to build an entire house from wood. But, this is not all. Wood is much better for dealing with mold and other microorganisms. Similarly to windows, it is able to protect your health. When it comes to using wood in order to make your bathroom looks bigger, it is a great solution. Lighter types of wood add to overall illumination of an area. Furthermore, wood creates a good impact on the viewer, making him feel more relaxed and natural. Given how rare it is in certain parts of the world (especially US), people will focus on walls and not the available space within the room.

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