District Heating & Cooling – a Glimpse into Sheffield’s Energy Network

heathrow-specialist-pre-insulated-pipe - energy networkFor those of you who haven’t already heard, District Heating & Cooling has become one of the greenest solutions to distribute heat, hot water and cooling. The technology has been around quite some time now, dating back to the 80s, but it is becoming celebrated more and more, with facts and figures showing the green impact it’s having on our environment!

This technology works through a network of pre-insulated pipes that are used to circulate heat, hot water and cooling. They operate from a central source of pipes and can be used on public premises and mixed use developments including residential and commercial establishments.

District heating and cooling boasts great business benefits of less waste when transporting heat, which consequently means a more efficient process and therefore saves money.

As well as great business benefits the technology is renowned for its environmental benefits. The system has been in place for over 25 years by now, so some really interesting and concrete data has become available that explains these benefits.

Sheffield – a closer look 

So as the first city to install district heating and cooling Sheffield has a wealth of data that evidences the environmental benefits of the system. The system was installed back in 1987 by experts at Vital Energi.

Since then the instillation has seen a staggering 21,000 tonnes of Co2 emissions saved per year!

Some of the notable establishments in Sheffield that benefit from the system are The Lyceum Theatre, Millennium Galleries, Sheffield City Hall and Weston Park Hospital.

The instillation of the technology not only supplies heat, hot water & cooling to these establishments, but also to a range of residential premises that include high rise flats and thousands of homes across the city.

Stats & Figures

  • Sheffield has one of the UK’s largest city heat networks
  • 21,000 tonnes of Co2 emissions saved annually
  • Supplies 2,800 homes and 140 commercial buildings
  • More than 50km of pre-insulated pipes installed

What’s more, this heating scheme in Sheffield won the first ever Community Heating Award for the most innovative city centre community heating scheme.

The business and environmental benefits of this solution really do showcase why this is becoming the most efficient, energy saving technology around. In some instances the highest level of insulation can save up to 55% more heat than standard levels.

For more information from the experts on this technology, head to Vital Energi’s site today and read about the other establishments they have worked on that include Nottingham, The University of Liverpool and BAA at Heathrow Airport!

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