Go Green: 4 Tips for Creating an Eco-Friendly Business

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As a recovering addict, I know that I am only given one life, and I must protect it. From this stand point, I can draw a parallel to the environment: We are only given one earth and we must protect it. As I gave grown in the business world, I have noticed that companies consume a vast amount of energy, utilities, and resources. While business owners may be inclined to take the cheapest route, by doing so, they are causing irreparable damage to the environment.

If each business takes a few small steps towards a more eco-friendly workplace, the cumulative effect will be impressive. Furthermore, you may even inspire employees to create a more sustainable environment at home, as well. I have seen the positive impact that going green has had on my own businesses, employees, and clients. To get started on your journey to an environmentally-friendly business, try the following tips.


  1. Recycle

This may be the most important tip for creating an eco-friendly business. To put this into perspective, landfills collect plastic bottles at a rate of about 250,000 per hour. It takes each one of these bottles about 700 years to decompose. These items are overtaking landfills and creating waste that is destructive to the environment. By simply utilizing recycling bins, your plastic bottles, waste paper, and unused glass can be properly treated and reused in the future. By utilizing these bins at my own facilities and educating employees on proper recycling habits, we have helped reduce an immense amount of waste. For items not recyclable consider hiring a Glasgow skip hire company for commercial waste.


  1. Use Natural Cleaning Products

Whether you clean your office yourself or you have a designated cleaning service, make sure that only natural cleaning products are being used. Many of today’s products contain harmful toxins that can be detrimental to the environment and even to employees. In fact, over 50% of cleaning products on the market today may be harmful to the lungs. Unfortunately, many of these products do not clearly disclose their ingredients. As such, you may be using cleaners that contain cancer-causing agents, without even knowing it.

In our facilities, we focus on natural, holistic treatment options. By also using natural cleaners, we have added to the safe, yet clean, environment that we set out to achieve.


  1. Use Less Energy

There are several ways that businesses can conserve energy. Try these techniques:

  • Install motion-detecting lights that will automatically shut off if people are not present;
  • Use energy-star labeled appliances for anything from refrigerators and microwaves to copiers and air conditioners;
  • Install wind or solar power energy sources, if possible;
  • Replace old or drafty windows and doors, use energy efficient window coverings, or seal any cracks; and
  • Power down all devices at the end of the day, including computers, copiers, lights, and machinery.


If you are looking for other ways to save energy, many companies will provide free audits. They simply come to your place of business and assess areas may be of concern.


  1. Use Products Made of Recycled Materials

If you must print, use paper made of post-consumer waste (PCW), meaning that is has been recycled. When you purchase recycled paper, you are saving additional trees from being cut down for the sole purpose of making new paper. Paper, however, isn’t the only product that is made from recycled materials. All types of products can also be made from post-consumer waste. If you are truly committed to the cause, you can even buy a bicycle made of recycled materials and ride it to work to save fuel.

Businesses must remain progressive when it comes to environmentally-friendly options. Not only will this help save the planet, it will also provide a safer and more comfortable workplace for employees. Take the time today to assess your business’s eco-friendly undertakings. If it falls short, ensure that you take steps to go green.

As someone who is committed to providing natural, holistic treatment options for the patients in our facilities, I take this platform quite seriously. I know the health benefits of taking a more natural approach to rehabilitation, and similarly, I also know the positive impact that going green can have on the world. The better we treat our environment, the better our future generations will fair.


Per Wickstrom is the founder and CEO of Best Drug Rehabilitation, one of the top holistic rehabilitation centers in the country. He found sobriety after a decades-long struggle with addiction and has since dedicated his life and career to helping others find the same life-affirming success he has. Learn more from Per by checking out his blog or connect with him via Twitter or Facebook.

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  • Electronic mfg.companies in the technology sector use many harsh chemicals and bulk gases. This is a necessary evil for many companies and especially in the semiconductor (or chip) manufacturing business. Human race needs technology and hi-tech gadgets, so one can not blame these companies for releasing harsh gases in the atmosphere. What few such companies also do is that they buy carbon credits to offset the effects of their usage of chemicals. These companies also support causes like forest and ocean conservation to minimize the effects of these chemicals & gases on the planet earth. My point is that while using harsh chemicals and bulk or process gasses is necessary for the technological advances, big corporations also must support environmental causes as part of their corporate social responsibility. Some do but all others need to follow the example too. Big corporations have dual responsibility and obligation to both; human race as well as planet earth.

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