4 Tips on How to Recycle Waste in Your Household

waste management - recycle wasteHaving waste lying around in the house is not a good sight. It may harbor pathogens and attract bad odor in the house. Developing proper waste management techniques will help sort out the situation. You have to think recycling before you dump the waste in a bin or landfill. Household waste will include kitchen waste, plastic bags, worn out electronics and other materials in the house. Such waste can be difficult to get rid of.

When you have the kitchen and plastic waste piled up in the plastic bin, you have to wait for the garbage truck to come once or twice a week to pick it up. The more the waste you have the high the cost you incur. Luckily, there is a way to can easily recycle your household waste and avoid the headache of getting rid of the waste. The following tips will help you achieve this:

Reuse some of the waste

Glass and plastic bottles can be used for other purposes in the house. For the water bottle, you can refill them with clean water. Also, large cans can be used as mobile gardens around the house. You can fill them with soil mixed with manure and plant flowers. Do this for a dozen cans, and you have a complete flower garden with you. For the plastic bottles, they can make good containers for storing drinking water when you are traveling. It serves as a reliable waste management technique that not only recycles but reduces the amount of waste from your household.

Use biodegradable waste as compost manure

Kitchen waste which will include leftovers, peelings and other biodegradable waste can be used as compost. Almost every home will have a garden no matter how small. You can find a secure location to pile the kitchen waste and let it decompose. After a few weeks or months, depending on the weather condition, you can check if your composite is ready to be used as fertilizer. Once ready, you can use it in your garden to enrich the soil and give your flowers a boost. It helps save the cost of buying fertilizer and also the cost of garbage collection.

Separate the waste products

It is not right to put together glass, plastic and kitchen waste in the same bag. You can separate them to make the collecting and waste management easier. Separating glass from organic waste will help to make recycling easier. If the glass is not broken, you can use it as collection container. It will help reduce what is collected as garbage by the trash collectors.

Use as pesticides

Harmful waste such as crude oil can be used to keep off pests such as termites from damaging your wooden floor or ceiling. You can apply it on your basement floor to keep off termites. It offers a reliable and cost-effective solution to the pests. You can do this for your wooden fence and apply the crude oil on the posts to preserve and treat them.

Effective waste management techniques will help conserve the environment and introduce a culture of reduce, reuse, and recycle in our home.

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  • I liked that you had mentioned that it can be important to separate waste products to make everything easier and avoid possible problems that come with recycling. My wife and I have been trying to find our own ways to give back to the environment and it’s been something that we’ve been striving for. We’ll have to start separating things easier but since we don’t have bins in our area, we’ll have to start looking into hiring a recycling company to pick everything up.

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